Wednesday, March 29

  • Little Bar Space

    Thrash China Festival with Xuebeng, Catarpillar, Slashing Machine, Pan Guan, Bio-Cancer. RMB160 - 220. Starts at 8 p.m.

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  • Meet Bitcoin Mining Capital In The Making - Sichuan
    Sichuan is seeing an exponential growth of Bitcoin mining facilities and centers as companies continue to search for mountainous regions with high altitude to cool down mining equipment without allocating additional resources.

    According to major local publications, including the China Money Network, more than 20 mining companies and 10,000 Bitcoin miners are located within Sichuan's Mabian Yi Autonomous County, a cold and mountainous region with just over 215,000 residents and Kangding, a region within Sichuan well known for its natural beauty.
  • China to store all foreigners' fingerprints upon entry
    Foreigners will have to leave their fingerprints when they enter China this year to improve border checks, with the new rule to be gradually implemented across the country starting from Friday.

    The Ministry of Public Security said on its website on Thursday that the move would see all foreigners aged between 14 and 70 asked to leave their fingerprints upon entry into China and the information would then stored for official use.
  • Sichuan Airlines to open non-stop flight from Chengdu to Prague in September
    Sichuan Airlines will officially launch a direct scheduled flight from Chengdu to Prague on August 12. The flight schedule is one flight on every Tuesday and Friday. Airbus A330 aircraft are used for the airline, and the flight number and flight times are: Departure trip: 3U8295, taking off from Chengdu at 12:45 and arriving in Prague at 17:15; Return trip: 3U8296, taking off from Prague at 19:15 and arriving in Chengdu at 10:45 (the above times are both local times). The flight time of the departing trip is 10 hours and 30 minutes, and the flight time of the return trip is 9 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Communist Party has recruited Chengdu wannabe gangsta rapper CD Rev to boost China's image abroad
    hashtag whackmc
  • Brand-New Chengdu Apartments Smashed Up by Construction Workers
    The owners of brand-new apartments in Chengdu recently have become the victim of a dispute between contractor and developer, that led to a sudden destruction of their homes in the early morning of June 28.