Thursday, May 26

From The Web

  • Wolong National Nature Reserve officially reopening in Sichuan
    It will be used for breeding, reproduction, wildness trainings and scientific studies of giant pandas.
  • Air New Zealand eyes new China route - Chengdu is rumoured to become its next new destination
    The Centre for Aviation reported last month that representatives of the carrier and New Zealand Government had met with Chengdu's vice-mayor to discuss a direct flight between the capital of the southwestern Sichuan province and Auckland.

    Should it go ahead, the route - at 10,505km - would be slightly longer than Auckland to Los Angeles.
  • Hong Kong agrees to let Sichuan spend rest of earthquake donations on panda reserve
    "...all projects funded by the Hong Kong government had been subjected to proper tendering procedures and auditing, dismissing fears from lawmakers earlier that the HK$9 billion they had approved in total since 2008 could have fallen into the hands of corrupt officials."
  • Sichuan officials prosecuted over bribery
    Four officials in Southwest China's Sichuan province have been prosecuted for bribery offences.
  • China Eastern Airlines punished after failed landing of Flight MU5443 from Chengdu to Kangding & lying to investigators
    CHINA'S civil aviation authority revoked the licenses of two captains and suspended an assistant captain with China Eastern Airlines' Sichuan branch, after a landing accident that nearly caused a plane crash.

    Flights on the branch's new highland routes were suspended along with its applications for new routes, charter flights and additional flights.

    The Airbus 319 aircraft suffered damage to its tail and tires when it failed to land at the airport in Kangding in bad weather conditions on May 1.

    The landing failure could have resulted in a serious plane crash, the administration said, adding that the pilot hit the ground too hard at too high a speed under bad weather conditions.

    During the investigation, crew members lied about the damage to the aircraft, the administration said, adding that the chief flight attendant lied about the secondary captain being in the cockpit during the landing.