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Posted: February 24, 2018
Expires: May 25, 2018

Phonics CPD Workshop


Phonics is a very hands-on and practical session aimed at supporting the teaching of phonics in the Early Years and Key Stage 1. During the session, we will look at developing rhythm and rhyme to support the early phases of letters and sounds and how music can enhance children's language, literacy and communication skills.
Workshop Description
The Teaching Phonics – Advanced workshop will explore in much greater details the key skills to confidently teach phonics to children, including children with different reading-related difficulties. This workshop will further provide insight and understanding into this supporting child learning to read, as well as helping teachers, giving learners the skills and knowledge to confidently work in this field.

In order to participate in this workshop please contact the wechat: skill21

Posted: February 22, 2018
Expires: May 23, 2018

Language exchange

Hi, there! I am looking for a native English speaker to language exchange face to face. I'd love to help you with Chinese. I am living in Yulin Street Wuhou district(武侯区玉林). :)My Wechat is wx12387687603.

Posted: February 13, 2018
Expires: May 13, 2018

iPhone 8

iPhone 8 plus 64gb original and unlocked, interested buyers contact me at

Posted: January 29, 2018
Expires: April 28, 2018

Seeking volunteer to transport an animal to the USA Boston or New York

Desperately seeking a volunteer to transport a small cat to the U.S. on or after February 23rd. All fees will be paid and you will be paid $150-200 for your trouble.

Due to laws and different airline fees the volunteer must be traveling via United Airlines or another American airline company. The layover time must be less than 4 hours and can not be in Hong Kong.

This animal has had multiple, highly invasive surgeries and has spent months in veterinary care. She will be a financial burden on her owner during the long term so it is almost impossible to find a local family to take her on. The current owner previously arranged her transport overseas but the cargo company suddenly changed it's fee structure and demanded extra payment (7000-17000 rmb!). The owner is moving to Boston permanently, and has arranged a temporary caretaker through the end of March if necessary. Due to the location, the owner is able to arrange transport to New York for pick up as well.

Before flying, the cat will be taken to have her final veterinary checkup, and to the export office where all fees will be paid. To fly with you an animal ticket must be booked 2 weeks before and paid by credit card. This will be arranged, paid for and emailed to you for printing. The cat will be dropped off the day before or day of the flight, with food, a peepee pad, a leash and a travel bag. You or a friend will give her some soft food with a powder anxiety med mixed into it so she will stay calm through the flight. Then you will carry her with her cat passport and ticket through just as you would any other carry-on. The leash is in case any official asks for the cat to be taken out to put the carrier through the x-ray. On the flight you just need to put her under your seat for the entire flight, hold her during the layover, then repeat for the final passage. I will be waiting at the exit when you arrive in Boston or New York with full payment in cash or wechat payment, rmb or USD as you prefer.

Please add msinglynx asap if you are willing and able to transport this animal. It will not interfere with the amount of carry ons you are permitted. Please share this ad to all exchange student and foreigners groups and websites that you know!

Posted: January 21, 2018
Expires: April 18, 2018

Visa service available for foreigners

Hello all!
we are an agent company here in Chengdu which offers Visa service for foreigners,include working visa and student visa,please feel free to contact if you need visa service!

working visa applicant: you need to have a Bachelor degree or above!
student visa applicant: no class attendance required!

Wechat: 18181998371

Posted: January 3, 2018
Expires: April 2, 2018

Hard time to get CHINA M VISA inside or outside CHINA ?

We are an independent China Visa Consulting Service Agency. We are specializing in China Business M Visa and consult and support foreigners precisely who need to get only China Business M visa ( 1 year / 6 months + Multiple ).

As you might know, the China visa policies,rules and circumstances are changed all the time suddenly. Therefore, you need a real professional agent who are really aware of the real time situation, how, when and where to apply and get the China M visa NOW. Dated : 01/02/2018

Why us ? Because we have 30-40 active ( repeated ) customers from England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Holland, Swiss, Austria, Portugal, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and other countries who apply and get M visa inside and outside China with our consulting service in EVERY MONTH.

Most of our customers live in China for 5 years,10 years or longer who also know the circumstances about China Visa inside and outside China. We are in the position to know WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON how to get a long term M visa NOW at all the time.

Please contact us by email as 1st time ONLY ( call or wechat OK from 2nd time ) and give us your information. Please allow us to say this because so many scams/cheating so called agents try to get any information from us, just wasting our time.

1) Please DO NOT contact us if you / you are;
1. NOT suitable below 2) 1,2,3,4
2. never have China M visa in the past
3. student or teacher
4..needs an extension or a short term stay ( go to HongKong)
5. just need an invitation letter ( illegal in China )

2) Please contact us if you / you are;
1. China M visa holder now and in the past
2. Never overstay even 1 day in the past
3. Never have any criminal record or illegal business in China
4. Have at least 1 or 2 good relationship Chinese company in China

Again, as we support our customers who apply China M visa inside China and outside China such as HongKong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore in EVERY MONTH, we can consult clearly and precisely WHERE and HOW to apply and get China M visa than any other agents in China.

In fact, it is almost impossible to get a long term M visa inside at least until the 2018 spring festival is over if you want to apply China M visa inside China as we know the real situation.

All of our repeated customers apply/get a long term China M visa outside China temporarily now with OUR 1 STOP SERVICE. Why temporarily ? Because they only can get 50%-70% satisfied China M visa outside China now, not 100% satisfied China M visa which they used to get inside China in the past.


China Visa 1/ Panda China Visa Consulting Service
- A real professional consulting team -

Posted: January 3, 2018
Expires: April 3, 2018

That's Chinese Corner

Hi there,

That's Chinese Corner will have a great event which is about Chinese Painting on Jan 13, 7pm-9pm, at Tongzilin. If you are interested in, please contact me by WeChat Stephanie647034. Cheers.

Posted: December 30, 2017
Expires: March 29, 2018

hiking partner wanted

we're looking for someone who's interested in outdoor hiking.

requirements for applicants
1 fluent English and standard pronunciation(males are preferable)
2 be outgoing and willing to interact with other teammates

benifits for applicants
1 hiking for free (you don't spend a cent while being with us)
2 we'll pay you hundreds as reward.

for more details contact me at my wechat below
Andrew466452 (plz note"hiking applicant" when you add me)