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Posted: August 20, 2017
Expires: November 1, 2017

China Visa Service

ChinaVisa1/Panda China Visa Service Center (PCVSC) is a private visa consulting firm providing and focusing on a long term stay China M type (1 year/6months + 180 days/90 Duration + Multiple) = technically you can stay up to 18 months for 1 year visa and 12 months for 6 months visa.

We provides 1 stop service with safe, clear and easy instructions on how to apply and get China M visa in 8-10 working days. We are confident with highly skilled experiences for years as a professional visa service provider, we REFUND our service fee when failed.

When if other Visa Service agency or travel agency in China or HongKong tell you that
①you can not get M visa
②You can not get a multiple visa
③ you can not get 180 days duration
④You can not get 6 months or 1 year visa
because of your occupation or New China Visa Policy of April, 2017, DO NOT give up and contact us at

* CAUTION 1: There are many scams who tell you that it is possible to get 6months/1 year visa or 90 days/180 days duration or multiple visa and ask you to pay money or transfer money in advance. Please be careful and do not pay in advance.


*CAUTION 2: Due to a limited capacity of M visa applicants in every month, many of our customers who could not keep the space with us on the dates on/before the current visa expiration go and get 4 month/60 days/2 entry VISA in a certain country temporarily.

If you need 6 months/1 year visa + 60 days/90 days/180 days duration + Multiple Business M visa, please reserve the space in advance with us because the available spaces are not many left in each month ( 70-80% are already full in every month because of repeating customers from all over China ).

*CAUTION 3: We are sorry to announce that the space of M visa applicant of August with our service is already FULL capacity. So we have no space to accept in August. If you plan and wish to apply M visa in September or October or November, please contact and reserve the space with us in advance.

August 18, 2017

Best Regards,

Wechat/Whatsapp:135 3512 1102

ChinaVisa1 / Panda China Visa Service Center
- A real reliable china visa service provider -

Posted: August 18, 2017
Expires: November 15, 2017

Full time ESL teacher needed in Times English

Brief Introduction of Times English

Times English is strongly committed to the solution development of high quality and effective English study. So far, we have plenty of success on more than 100 languages study programs developed. Times English always keep our motto of 'Extraordinary Teaching".
Times English have four campuses now based on Chengdu. The company's headquarters is located in the centre of Chengdu (behind Chengdu TV tower); two campuses are located around second ring road (Niushikou station); the fourth one is located on the third ring road (Sansheng town).

Job details:

1. Work hour: 1:00pm -9:00pm five days per week; 20hours teaching+20hours office hour

Day off: two days off depending on class schedule.
2. Students age: 3-10years old

Foreign teacher is able to teach one on one class and group classes (6max)
3. Attend weekly meeting, training course, and workshop.
4. Demo class and oral test for new students
Salary and Benefits:
1. Basic salary: 13k-15k per month according to demo class and teaching experience.
2. You will receive 1000 housing allowance after probation which is also related to attendance record.
3. You will receive bonus 200 RMB in cash for each success demo class
4. You will get paid double for over time
5. Paid for all kinds of visa
6. Yearly bonus: you will receive 6000 RMB in cash as bonus after completion of one year contract.
7. Paid round trip flight tickets after completion of one year contract.
8. Add 500 RMB on basic salary after renew the contract.
9. Team Building activity

1. Native English speaker only coming from America、UK、Canada、Australia、New Zealand 、Ireland.
2. Be patience and responsible for students
3. Stability: at least finish one year contract. 
Interview information:
Interview location: Mengzhuiwan Street NO.94 (behind TV tower)
Interview time:1:00pm-9:00pm Mon. to Fri.
Needed docs:

1. Resume/CV
2. Recent photo
3. Info page of Passport

4. TEFL or TESOL certificate (if possible)
We chat: 1486950575

Posted: August 16, 2017
Expires: September 5, 2017

Balboa International Academy

Join our 3 day free trial to see if
it's the right fit for your child!
Balboa International Academy
offers a quality U.S. education
from pre-kindergarten to sixth
grade. Our goal is to provide
affordable, high-quality primary
programs to foreign passport
holders living in Chengdu.


Upon entering Balboa, the students feel a
sense of positivity and energy each and
every day, thus taking pride in everything
they do throughout the school year.
Every student is taught how to conduct
themselves as a globally minded citizen.
We value creativuty and encourage our
students to express themseves as much
as possible.

Our curriculum and instruction is aligned
with the California Common Core State
Standards. Our learning environment
provides a blend of strong academics
combined with opportunities for individual
and social growth. Our small class size
offers an optimal student to teacher


§ All students are assessed and placed
§ Our curriculum is designed to provide
support for each individual needs.
§ Experienced teachers
§ Project based learning
§ Individualized instruction
§ Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning
experiences are placed on par with
pedagogical demands.


Kindergarten to 6th grade – ¥60,000
Ages 5 to 12


Educators & Non-Profit Sector
¥10,000 Annual Scholarship
Entrepreneurs - ¥5,000 Annual
Early Bird Special - ¥12,000 Annual
Scholarship (Register by August 1)

Pre-Kindergarten - ¥25,000
Ages 3 to 5

Early Bird Special - ¥5,000 Annual
Scholarship (Register by August 1)

Balboa International

Posted: June 29, 2017
Expires: September 27, 2017

FREE RanaVPN for Android

Anyone interested in testing a VPN Application? (Only for Android as of now)

– 10 Servers (US, UK, SEA)
– Free for 7 days

Few of my friends here (based out in Sihe) developed it.
Performance:- Quite similar to shadowsocks since their servers are new.

Visit to download the APK. (4MB)

Nota bene: Please bear with the UI.

Posted: June 25, 2017
Expires: September 23, 2017

Introduce a Chengdu based Post-Rock band:Fayzz

Imagine what it is like to combine the vibrant spirit of rock'n roll music with a swingy touch of jazz under sophisticated techniques, packing into a hand full of heart-striking, harmonic-rich melodies — and you will see Fayzz, they who have grasped the balance between creative experimentation and ear-pleasing euphony.
Experienced listeners will be pleasantly surprised by the elements of post-rock, math-rock, chill-out, and even jazz-hop intertwined in their music, but feel free to put the musical jargons aside and allow your heart and soul to sink into a world encircled by swift drum beats, bright guitar picking, and rhythmic bass notes if you just want to have a unique as well memorable listening experience in the overabundant modern industry of music.
Fayzz started off as a one-man project initiated by musician Fan Bin in 2009, slowly evolving into the current set up as new members Huang Yu (Bass), Mu Wang (Guitar), and Xiao Bo (Drums) joined in. The band might welcome new members in the future so as to explore the use of wind instruments and synthesizers, which have appeared in their music in quite a few instances. As a band of progressive artistry approach, Fayzz will not hesitate to explore new creative possibilities; listeners can expect that they further break away from limits defined by genres.
Likewise, you are likely to discover through listening that it is difficult to phrase them within a set of boundaries, just as their music is likely to be the embodiment of freedom in expression, a way of relating to the outside world we all seek for. So be sure to listen, with a mind full of imagination and a heart full of appreciation, to this voice of youth.
Fayzz is now cooperating with 1724 Records, which is currently celebrating its 11th birthday, in planning new releases, live events, and band merchandise.

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Posted: June 1, 2017
Expires: August 30, 2017

Your free intro to tango

Trying to find new hobby and new circle of friends? Try Argentine tango, this dance is passionate and delicate. Leilei Tango is a group of young dancers and we are starting a new program for beginners, group class every Monday and Wednesday. Free Milonga dance party Saturday night. Reservation of free intro class or more info, contact wechat: tmoney90

Posted: May 30, 2017
Expires: August 28, 2017

5 differences between Western and Chinese apartments

Hello Everyone,

I wrote an article about the differences between Chinese and western apartments, I thought you guys might be interested. If you would like to add anything to the list or disagree, feel free to reply!

Kind regards,

Posted: May 24, 2017
Expires: August 22, 2017

Apartments, Visa's & More

Hello everyone,

A-house, a newly founded real estate agency in Chengdu, next to finding you a great apartment and cleaning service, we now also offer visa services. For more information you can visit our website on or contact us on wechat: x448112007

Kind regards