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Posted: October 17, 2017
Expires: January 15, 2018

Color Hiking in Tibetan area of Sichuan on weekends

21st - 22nd Oct, this Sarturday - Sunday

Color Hiking - Er Gu Xi

international color hiking

2 days + 1 night
21st-22nd, October


The distance of the hike is about 4km up, and another 4km down the mountain.

We'll end up camping at around 3800m above sea level, so please bring appropriate medicine if you are prone to altitude sickness!


580rmb/person for whole package, including:
round trip from chengdu to Ergu Xi with an experienced driver

(about 230km)


camping in tent on the top of mountain

( all equipments for camping ready on the top)


4 meals
1. On our way to the mountain we'll stop in a quaint rural town for an assortment of local Chinese dishes.

2&3. On the top of mountain we'll try authentic Tibetan hotpot dinner and breakfast the following morning(hot milk,tibetan bread) .

4. on the way home we'll even squeeze in a delicious Sichuan feast.

We still advise bringing some snacks to keep your energy up on the mountain, and help you make friends along the way

activity staff and outdoor insurance;
one out-door leader and one builingual staff

insurance included

other materals;
1. one T-shirt for color hiking

2.1-2 kerchiefs for color hiking

3. a box of cleansing towelettes
4.marshmallows and cookies to toast

From the panda base to the giant Buddha, there is so much more to explore in Sichuan. A great way to discover more of Sichuan's colorful culture is throwing yourself out into its absolute spectacular countryside. Our color hiking offers you a way to take in the beauty of our incredible nature surrounding Chengdu - the hard-to-find oasis.


Find your deep-self in the stunning landscape and lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery, while sharing culture and stories with people from all over the world.
Get a real taste of Tibet and experience Sichuan outside of the city.

3.5 hours' drive from Chengdu
2 days & 1 night
Participants from different countries
Authentic Tibetan experience

Idyllic beauty which only locals know
Stunning scenery
English speaking service


Camping in the starry starry night which no rooftop party can offer
Color hiking competition
Get up close and personal with the wildlife and animals

Wild KTV on the top of the mountain

please add wechat


for more information

Posted: October 13, 2017
Expires: January 11, 2018

Salsa Dance Classes nearby Tianfu Square

I am the teacher to teach salsa & bachata from Monday to Thursday night 19:30-21:30. And we will organize gathering, party, and outing regularly. We will not only practice our dancing, but also enjoy the beautiful music. Outing and dance party will be held on weekends, and we will enjoy the slow pace of life through hiking, dancing, and the tasty food together.

Amy Chou
Posted: October 9, 2017
Expires: January 7, 2018

An Activity About Chinese Culture

An invitation for anyone who likes Chinese culture

An activity will be hold in Shangshanfang(尚善方) a Chinese Medical & Therapy Center on 20th October 2017.from 5:00pm-8:00pm.

This activity is a ceremony for accepting Chinese medicine students. There are zither playing, Hanfu show, Chinese classic dance and other performance. You can get some Chinese medicine gift there. After the activity, you can experience the traditional Chinese medicine therapy . All these are free.

Address:Second Floor,Bloomington Square,NO.99Jinhuixiyijie,North Yizhou Road,High-tech Zone,Chengdu City.

Posted: October 7, 2017
Expires: January 5, 2018

Warhammer 40k painting and gaming

Event: Warhammer 40k tabletop meet up
Where: Nearby Line 3 TaiPingYuan metro station 太平园地铁站
When: Sunday afternoon(usually Saturday and Wednesday)
After the holidays the club is ready to meet up again. Report to your local commissar for duty soldier! Message me for more information or questions. Thanks!

The qq group chat is 131363582

My phone number for any hobby questions. 13544260580

Posted: August 24, 2017
Expires: November 21, 2017

One Stop Practical Business Advisor

Chengdu Business Concierge

1) Business Tour with CAR and Bilingual Driver

・Company/Factory Tour   We take you to Company/Factory

・Negotiation We negotiate the conditions with them

2) Business Service

・Establishing a company We support for establishing a company with tax and license

・Chengdu Branch We provide the service to be your company branch in China

3) Practical Support

・Start Up Business We give you an specific idea what/how to launch a new profitable business
・Existing Business We give you an specific advice what/how to manage a profitable business

We own and manage a different field of business such as import/export, online store, fashion & accessories,

restaurant, health product, food & beverage, real estate investment in USA, Japan, Hong Kong and

China in the past 20 years.

We are capable to consult and advice the points practically by finding and solving the negative issues to New business and/or Existing business considering any situation and circumstance in China. We are not

like other consulting firms which never have a practical business experience.

1 French venture capital and 1 Swiss Private Equity in Beijing, 1 Chinese bio-chemical company in Guangzhou, 1 American Sports Pub in Guangzhou, 1 American restaurant in Hangzhou, 1 China restaurant in Chengdu, 1 Stem Cell Clinic in Tokyo, 1 Beauty Clinic in Osaka, 1 construction company in Osaka, 2 trading company in Tokyo are some of our clients with an advisory contract.

Please feel free to contact us and have a free consultation (1st time ).

Best Regards,

wechat: azmazma

Chengdu Business Concierge

Posted: August 20, 2017
Expires: November 1, 2017

China Visa Service

ChinaVisa1/Panda China Visa Service Center (PCVSC) is a private visa consulting firm providing and focusing on a long term stay China M type (1 year/6months + 180 days/90 Duration + Multiple) = technically you can stay up to 18 months for 1 year visa and 12 months for 6 months visa.

We provides 1 stop service with safe, clear and easy instructions on how to apply and get China M visa in 8-10 working days. We are confident with highly skilled experiences for years as a professional visa service provider, we REFUND our service fee when failed.

When if other Visa Service agency or travel agency in China or HongKong tell you that
①you can not get M visa
②You can not get a multiple visa
③ you can not get 180 days duration
④You can not get 6 months or 1 year visa
because of your occupation or New China Visa Policy of April, 2017, DO NOT give up and contact us at

* CAUTION 1: There are many scams who tell you that it is possible to get 6months/1 year visa or 90 days/180 days duration or multiple visa and ask you to pay money or transfer money in advance. Please be careful and do not pay in advance.


*CAUTION 2: Due to a limited capacity of M visa applicants in every month, many of our customers who could not keep the space with us on the dates on/before the current visa expiration go and get 4 month/60 days/2 entry VISA in a certain country temporarily.

If you need 6 months/1 year visa + 60 days/90 days/180 days duration + Multiple Business M visa, please reserve the space in advance with us because the available spaces are not many left in each month ( 70-80% are already full in every month because of repeating customers from all over China ).

*CAUTION 3: We are sorry to announce that the space of M visa applicant of August with our service is already FULL capacity. So we have no space to accept in August. If you plan and wish to apply M visa in September or October or November, please contact and reserve the space with us in advance.

August 18, 2017

Best Regards,

Wechat/Whatsapp:135 3512 1102

ChinaVisa1 / Panda China Visa Service Center
- A real reliable china visa service provider -

Posted: August 18, 2017
Expires: November 15, 2017

Full time ESL teacher needed in Times English

Brief Introduction of Times English

Times English is strongly committed to the solution development of high quality and effective English study. So far, we have plenty of success on more than 100 languages study programs developed. Times English always keep our motto of 'Extraordinary Teaching".
Times English have four campuses now based on Chengdu. The company's headquarters is located in the centre of Chengdu (behind Chengdu TV tower); two campuses are located around second ring road (Niushikou station); the fourth one is located on the third ring road (Sansheng town).

Job details:

1. Work hour: 1:00pm -9:00pm five days per week; 20hours teaching+20hours office hour

Day off: two days off depending on class schedule.
2. Students age: 3-10years old

Foreign teacher is able to teach one on one class and group classes (6max)
3. Attend weekly meeting, training course, and workshop.
4. Demo class and oral test for new students
Salary and Benefits:
1. Basic salary: 13k-15k per month according to demo class and teaching experience.
2. You will receive 1000 housing allowance after probation which is also related to attendance record.
3. You will receive bonus 200 RMB in cash for each success demo class
4. You will get paid double for over time
5. Paid for all kinds of visa
6. Yearly bonus: you will receive 6000 RMB in cash as bonus after completion of one year contract.
7. Paid round trip flight tickets after completion of one year contract.
8. Add 500 RMB on basic salary after renew the contract.
9. Team Building activity

1. Native English speaker only coming from America、UK、Canada、Australia、New Zealand 、Ireland.
2. Be patience and responsible for students
3. Stability: at least finish one year contract. 
Interview information:
Interview location: Mengzhuiwan Street NO.94 (behind TV tower)
Interview time:1:00pm-9:00pm Mon. to Fri.
Needed docs:

1. Resume/CV
2. Recent photo
3. Info page of Passport

4. TEFL or TESOL certificate (if possible)
We chat: 1486950575