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Posted: January 5, 2017
Expires: April 5, 2017

Part time Teacher job

Teacher Hektor !

Looking for part time teacher job in Chengdu

Have 2 years experience Teach kids Play piano,
Draw, Eanglish,

My Wechat : Hektor183
Phone number : 1380094393

Posted: December 30, 2016
Expires: March 27, 2017

English teachers wanted

English teachers needed in beijing city .
Schedule: Wed to Fri 8am-5pm,weekends 1pm-9pm

Class size: 10-15

Students age: 3-6 years old.
Benefits: Salary 10,000rmb after tax.
Teaching materials and training are provided.
Work visa assistant.
Requirements: English native speakers .
Teaching experience is preferred.

Posted: December 27, 2016
Expires: March 26, 2017

Pathfinder Dungeons & Dragons

Well Met, Chengdu People,

After a two year hiatus, I'm restarting the local PFRPG Dungeons and Dragons RPG group.

I'm looking for a few good adventurers who are native speakers of English or who speak English with a advanced fluency. Also, it would be helpful to have a healthy interest in pen & paper role playing games and fantasy/science fiction literature.

Although we use Pathfinder rules (as opposed to all the different editions of D&D, i.e. AD&D, 5E, etc., etc.), there are some limitations based on world in my homebrew campaign:

Depending on the players' schedules, games will be held every 1-2 weeks during a weekday (any day from Monday to Thursday) sometime between 1 pm to 7 pm in the neighborhood of Jiuyanqiu.

Contact me at


Dr. Lu
Posted: December 13, 2016
Expires: March 13, 2017

English-speaking dentist in Tongzilin and Shuangnan

English-speaking dentist in Tongzilin and Shuangnan

Zhong Nan (ZN) Dental

Tongzilin office:
Unit 901, Building A2, 6 Hangkong Road (Fengde Guoji Guangchang), Wuhou District
Business hours: 9:30am to 6:00pm (Wednesdays and Fridays)

Shuangnan office:
Unit 11, 2 Yunying Road, Wuhou District
Business hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)

Having problems with your teeth?
Need to meet with an English-speaking dentist?
Want to make sure the person treating your teeth can fully understand you?

Come to ZN Dental and we will take care of your teeth the best we can!

Dr. Chang Ching Lu 吕医生

West China (Huaxi) School of Stomatology, Sichuan University

Specializes in:
Prevention and treatment of gum disease
Tooth extraction
Orthodontic treatment
Pediatric dentistry
Fixed restoration (Crowns and bridges)
Removable restoration (Partial and full-mouth dentures)

Phone: 18608010124 (Please call or text to make an appointment)

T-Space Salon
Posted: December 7, 2016
Expires: March 7, 2017


Don't we all need relationships to be happy and fulfilled? Aren't we all trying to find our soul mate to conjointly create our dynasty? Relationships give a feeling of completeness, security and peace. Everyone of us needs someone who can love and draw his or her energy to pursue goals in life. But why is it that we do not always find the satisfaction in our relationships that we expected? Maybe we should take a step back and see if the greater picture of the celestial sky can shed light.

We find the powerful and honorable sun illuminating the cooling and empathetic moon. We can see that by nature's way the sun is happy and gains self-esteem by initiating activities. The moon becomes happy and secure by receiving the rays of the sun. The heavenly bodies show us that men feel loved and bond by activating activities with their bodies, minds and words, whereas women naturally bond and feel loved by receiving. This is the lesson we learn from celestial planets. Certainly in a relationship there has to be balance between these energies since men have some femininity as women also have masculinity. But true happiness and satisfaction can only come when our core nature as a woman or man are properly addressed.

Love, bond, security and joy.

This time we have invited a vedic astrologer, a spiritual psychologist Uddhava, who was from Germany, to share with us about universal principles from ancient scripture on intimate relationships, to help cultivate an outlook and ability on love.


Host Profile

12年的时间,他在印度北部德里郊区的温达文加尔各答附近的玛雅普瑞诗凯诗的恒河边等地,探访了各门宗派的瑜伽士苦行僧古茹,并学习了世界上最古老的语言之一梵语他带着几件衣服一顶蚊帐这些全部家当,多年辗转于各地庙宇和灵师学校 Gurukula——没有手机没有互联网,每隔几个月才能向远在巴伐利亚的父母报平安他身体力行经典中的教导——"simple life, high thinking",过着千年前最朴素的苦行僧生活

印度自来就有祈祷祭祀遇事咨询占星师的民间习俗一次偶遇让Uddhava结识了他的占星古茹,并接受了他的传承他所跟随的韦达占星学派 (Vedic Astrology) 诞生于距今5000多年前的古印度,是由当时的两位圣人口头叙述后由其门徒整理撰写的经典。Uddhava深深着迷于这门能精准预测个人命运走势的学科,以及它诸多对个体的情绪性格特质思维倾向等精微层面的细节诠释十余年时间的钻研苦学,使得他在拥有天赋异禀的灵感力之外,培养出了能从更高的纬度体察宇宙能量的视角,积累了深厚的占星知识他期望与更多有困惑的灵魂相遇,在他们迷茫困惑之时,引导他们从内培养正念,觉悟必修的生命课题,以及每一个灵魂个体来到这个世界的答案




并联系: Noreen ( Uddhava老师助手)
(P.S. 请感兴趣参加这次契合度分析的朋友注意占星师会在现场分析双方的相处模式并提出建议,如果注重隐私,则可以选择个案咨询,谢谢)Event Info

Event Info

Language: English
Time: 3-5 p.m., Dec. 11th ( Sunday )
Place: Bao Li Center ( near the American Consulate) Building C #1513

Tickets Reservation:
* 30 RMB per person
* 30 seats only
* Long press the QR code below to reserve seats. Please kindly remember to fill in your names and phone numbers when you place the order. Foreign friends can have onsite payment by cash. We will not entertain any refund once the order is confirmed.

About us

思维空间(Thinking-Space, 简称 T-Space)成立于 2014 12 思维空间谐音 "四维空间",象征着思想与文化交流能够跨越时间和空间思维空间以打破思维局限性和文化认知隔阂为使命,以搭建一个具有国际思维和视野的文化交流平台为愿景思维空间主要开展主题英文沙龙和中外文化交流活动主题英文沙龙涵盖人文艺术公益环保社会热点等主题文化交流活动包括中外文化传播跨文化社交聚会沙发客志愿者服务和文化项目志愿者支持等

T-Space was established to build an in-depth thinking and communicating place for people who like to meet and share interesting ideas with nice persons from various backgrounds and countries. T-Space holds kinds of events, including English salons on different aspects of life and culture-related activities such as cultural exchange, cross-cultural parties, couch surfing volunteering, cultural projects volunteering and so on.

T-Space,a bridge that links thoughts and cultures.

Long press the QR code above

or add our Wechat ID: tspace2014

to follow 思维空间Tspace

QQ Group: 390061532
Sina Microblog: T-Space思维空间Douban:

Planning: Sharon
Ad Writing: Sharon
Proofreading: Amelie
Editing: Sally、Shirley、Rick、Linda、Simei

— End —

Posted: November 28, 2016
Expires: February 26, 2017

Mandarin classes for foreign kids/teenagers/adults

I'm a well experienced private mandarin tutor with 8yrs overseas teaching experiences and 5yrs in Cheng du. 1on1 or small group. I'm a patient and warm person, tought students from all over the world. If you are interested pls email me at, looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Posted: November 25, 2016
Expires: February 23, 2017

Decoration/Renovation of Your Newly Purchased Property

Hi, we are a Decoration Company named Yuandu Decoration(元度家居汇装饰公司) since 1998, It is our job to create housing solutions for expats and we want to share this knowledge with you. Our thorough understanding of the market and expat needs, allows us to decorate and/or renovate in a cost-effective way.
Our Process is the Following:
On site visit of your property.
A face-to-face meeting to discuss the potential of your property.
Lay-out design proposal: general division of the space.
Interior design proposal: choice of materials, color combinations and appliances.
Budgeting: discussion of the total cost of the project and the timeline involved.
Formalizing the agreement and signing of contract.
Start of construction.
Completion of the project: all fapiaos and the keys of your ready-to-market property are handed over.
After completion we can market your property (take professional pictures, contact and activate our local sales network)
Contact us if interested, welcome to visit our company, or we can send a car over to fetch you if you need.

Official Website:
Address:NO.186 Dashi East Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu(成都市大石东路186

Chinese Hotline: 028085509883
English Hotline:13683405016

Posted: November 21, 2016
Expires: February 18, 2017

Taobao shop registration

Hello, my name is Benjamin I will appreciate if anyone could assist or help me register a shop on taobao
Tel: 18224460032

Posted: November 16, 2016
Expires: February 14, 2017

anything you want to know about living here

I'm willing to help out those live and work in Chengdu, cause i can understand the difference of living in different culture, it is also for my thesis, i have been grown up here and knowing almost everything about housing, shopping, travelling and the extra. if you have anything want to know you can just ask me through
wechat: seanLee101
phone:15882495497 I pefere text me first, I could be in meeting sometimes.

looking forward to hear from you

T-Space Salon
Posted: November 16, 2016
Expires: February 14, 2017

An Art Experiment of World Food

When we are roaming around the world, one important part of traveling is to taste the yummy of each and every place. However, the sense of happiness that yummy around the world brings to us does not limit to a gustatory gratification; it is a border-less art aesthetics, which can be associated with drama and space design in a trans-boundary way, creating totally different sensory experiences and a body-and-heart enjoyment for everyone.

Are you curious about what is gourmet food exactly as an international art and how to obtain a trans-boundary gourmet food experience? On the afternoon of November 20th, T-Space would like to invite friends from all over the world to gather here in the Asian "Gastronomy City" — Chengdu, to carry out an intriguing art experiment of world food.

14:30 - 17:00, Sunday, Nov 20th, 2016
Chongdeli, No. 88 Tangba Street,
Jinjiang District, Chengdu


1.International exchanges

We have invited senior Chinese and foreign chefs to cook for us the most representative dishes of the major world cuisines respectively. While you are enjoying each and every dish, you can listen to the cultural stories behind the dishes, and make connections with foodies all around the world through interactive fun games.

Wang Jie is a famous master of Sichuan cuisine, head chef of Chuancais Museum, international disseminator of Sichuan cuisine, expert in Sichuan cuisine internationalization, distinguished consultant of traditional Sichuan cuisine workshop, and has been invited as a guest to multiple gourmet TV shows.

Nattwat Intajak, now employed at Never Ending Summer Refined Thai Cuisine, has worked in five-star hotels as head chef of Thai cuisine in Thailand, Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Mr. Intajak has also cooked in person for Michael Jordan and Jackie Chen.

Christophe Dufossé comes from an elegant and romantic country — France. He has once been employed in Domaine du Roncemay, Relais, Châteaux Royal Champagne, all as Michelin starred chef. As a greatly experienced chef who has gone through hundreds of trials himself, Christophe Dufossé excels at mingling styles classic and innovative, rural and refined, local and exotic, making unreasonable reasonable.

Pietro Bulla, now working as the head chef of an Italian restaurant Grappa's at TaiKooLi, was born in the beautiful Italian island Sicily. He has once worked as the executive chef in Ristorante "La Polena" and Trattoria Italiana Da Angelo Restaurant. Before coming to Chengdu, he had worked in Shenzhen Dameisha Sheraton Hotel.

Burhan was born in Gaziantep, the origin place of Turkish Kebab. With 30 years of experience in cooking, Burhan has once worked as the executive chef in many five-star hotels in China and Turkey, as well as in Turkish and Middle East restaurants. He is now the head chef of the Sultan, a Turkish restaurant in Chengdu.

2. Trans-boundary mix and match

Art is universal, and this is no exception with gourmet food. What sparks of innovation will it produce when yummy all over the world meets drama and space design? This event will explore the associations among different art styles in an experimental way through the medium of yummy

When yummy runs into drama
The moment once you arrive and sign in, you will be walking in a "theatre" rebuilt from a restaurant. People who greet you are not just waiters and waitresses, but are actors and actresses of this big drama of yummy. You will be "semi-invisible" and be one part of the performance. What awaits you will be an unprecedented dining experience.

When food meets space design
It is true that your mood during dining is directly affected by the atmosphere, yet the association between food and space is far beyond that. We have invited Mr. Wang Hai, the famous artist and designer, as our distinguished guest, to share with us his wonderful life journey in crossing the border between food and space design and lead you to sketch out the shape of your ideal restaurant with food ingredients.

Wang Hai is "the father of Hong Kong private home cuisines", famous artist and designer, successively designed Chongdeli, Qingan, Upper Gallery in TaikooLi, Teddy Bear Museum (China) in Chengdu, and Kuan Yun Zhai Yu, causing a big stir in the industry.

3. Interactive participation
Not only you can try yummy from all around the world, you will also be surprised by crossing border in art. While participating in those designed interactive sessions, you will be able to exchange and share with each other. Perhaps you will meet your special someone! Under the guidance of master chefs, you will go through competitions associated with yummy in separated groups. In the end, secret gifts will be awarded to the winning group.


Amelie is a co-founder of T-Space, worked as the American office manager during 2013 Chengdu Fortune Global Forum, graduated with a master degree in HRM from University of Leeds, UK, now working as the VP assistant for a foreign company in Chengdu.

Tommy has 11 years of experience employed as an expert in geological work, has once worked in Fortune 500 companies including Royal Dutch Shell, Schlumberger, CNOOC, etc. He is now the manager of the Beer Nest in Chengdu.


Time: 14:30 - 17:00, Sunday, Nov. 20th, 2016
*Notice: Sign in with name and R.S.V.P between 14:00 - 14:30. Anyone late for the event will be refused entry with no refund.

Place: Chongdeli, No.88 Tangba Street, Jingjiang District, Chengdu
*Notice: Please keep the venue clean and be careful with objects. For any damage done, please pay the full price.

Fee: 150 RMB per person (including food, beverages and wine; however, excluding personal consumption)
*Notice: the event has involved a series of dining sessions, please reasonably arrange your lunch and dinner.

Number of participants: 20

Language: English & Chinese (an interpreter will provide interpreting service on site)

Contact info (Tel/WeChat):
Kim: 13484924056 / maoxiyi
Vivienne: 15583987712 / limengyuan819981
*Notice: Please add Kim or Vivienne as your WeChat friend and send your name, Tel number and E-mail address to reserve a seat. The payment will be made in Wechat by money transfer or red packet or at the venue.


T-Space (Thinking-Space), founded in December 2014, mainly holds themed salons and Chinese and foreign cultural exchange activities. The topics of themed salons cover humanity and art, public welfare, environmental protection, and social hot spot issues etc. The cultural exchange activities include cultural dissemination, cross-cultural socializing and gatherings, and volunteering for cultural programs.


1.Never Ending Summer Refined Thai Cuisine
The restaurant has specially invited star chef in Thailand to incorporate the freshness and romance of North Thailand into every dish. They have purchased fresh ingredients every single day, and imported all the spices from Thailand, ensuring the native and unique nature of the Thai flavor, providing you with an idyllic-style dinning experience.

Originated from Hong Kong, the Italian restaurant Grappa's has opened its 7th chain store of greater China at TaikooLi in Chengdu. Grappa's prides itself on its authentic home-style Italian recipes with chef and his team picking premium ingredients. Grappa's also aims at offering guests a warm, casual atmosphere with some of the friendliest staff in town.

3.The Sultan
This is the only Turkish restaurant in Chengdu which serves food strictly according to halal food standard. It presents native Turkish dishes, and it has been endorsed by the famous magazine Lonely Planet. It is also selected as the Best Exotic Restaurant in Chengdu by several renowned media in China. Its new restaurant the Sultan Middle East will be opened in TaikooLi in Chengdu this year.

4.Chengdu International Food and Beverage Network
Chengdu International Food and Beverage Network (CIFBN) is a collection of foreign-owned or orientated restaurants and bars that offer dishes, beers, cocktials and wines from all over the world.

5.Jinyue French Restaurant
Michelin starred chef Christophe Dufosse has been the head chef for Jinyue French Restaurant, which is really raising the bar for French food in town. Located on the fifth floor of Jinjiang Hotel's VIP Tower, Jinyue covers about 2,000 square meters and has 90 seats. Customers can enjoy delicate French afternoon tea and appreciate French food culture in two beautiful terrace gardens.

Tanhuaji is a brand of Chengdu Tanhuaji E-commerce Company which is located in Jinjiang District in Sichuan. It is dedicated to offering tailored health products made from natural materials for you and your families.

T-Space——A bridge that links thoughts and cultures

Long press the QR code above or add our WeChat ID: tspace2014
to follow 思维空间Tspace
QQ group: 390061532
Sina microblog: T-Space思维空间

Event planning: Amelie, Sally, Ceci, Simei, Juliana, Terry & Vivienne
Ad writing & proofreading: Amelie, Vivienne, Amber, Kim & Tracy
Editing: Kim, Linda, Rick, Ceci & Shirley
Poster: Terry

Previous activities

1.The Spring Festival trip in Chengdu

2.International Hollween party

3.VP of Marvel Comics & Liu Cixin
(winner of the BEST STORY of 2015 Hugo Awards)

4.Double Seventh Festival party

5.Lecture: The Invisible Architecture

Time: 14:30 - 17:00, Sunday, Nov. 20th, 2016

Place: Chongdeli, No.88 Tangba Street, Jingjiang District, Chengdu

Fee: 150 RMB per person

Number of participants: 20

Payment method
Please add Kim or Vivienne as your WeChat friend and send your name, Tel number and E-mail address to reserve a seat. The payment will be made in Wechat by money transfer or red packet or at the venue.
Kim: 13484924056 / maoxiyi
Vivienne: 15583987712 / limengyuan819981
- End -

Posted: November 5, 2016
Expires: February 3, 2017

Brilliant post on Chengdu and China

Read this fun post and thought to spread the word so let people know about it who are either coming to Chengdu or China.

Posted: November 2, 2016
Expires: January 31, 2017

Sivananda Yoga Center Moved to New Location

The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center placed its foot in Chengdu in October 2015. This non-profit organization focuses on promoting health and inner peace through holistic classical yoga. Within one year, the center has grown a lot together with its dedicated volunteer staff members, and moved to a bigger space in the same area near Tongzilin Subway station.

The center is a vibrant community based space. It offers classical hatha yoga classes, daily meditation and chanting session, various courses and workshops, as well as longer retreats. Staff members are trained to teach in both Chinese and English. Senior teachers from US, UK, etc. visit the center regularly to teach in English with Chinese translation.

This Sunday Nov 6 the center will be hold its open house. The event is free, and you can check out more information on this page:

Please feel free to visit the center and try different classes at other times. The first Hatha Yoga class is free. The morning/evening meditation and chanting session is free/by donation.

New Location:
Fengge Yayuan 8-10 (新希望路1 风格雅园 8-10)
No. 1 Xin Xi Wang Rd, Wuhou District, Chengdu

18980642709 / 028-86257086

Posted: November 1, 2016
Expires: January 29, 2017


I am an experienced English teacher in Chengdu with about eight years of teaching both in China and outside China. I also have some travelling to countries like Canada, USA, South Africa and Nigeria for exchanges programs. Below is my profile in teaching;
-Responsible for handling students of all ages both kids and adults (kindergarten,middle school,primary school, JSS to the tertiary level).

-Conducting games in and outside the classroom
-Conducting group activities to keep students active
-Coordinating with parents and updating them about their children development and performance
-Giving more attention to weak children in the class.

Work Experience:
- Vardy Learning Center ( Dayi, Chengdu) currently
- Golden Childhood Kindergarten (金色童年幼儿园)(Xindu) currently
- Ai Shang Tian Yuan Kindergarten (爱尚天元)(Xindu)

- January 2016 to date at MDFL training school (Luomashie, Chengdu)
- Psalms Training School ( Luomashi, Chengdu)

key skills
- Fun loving person

-Good teaching skills
-Explaining power
-Polite in nature
-Patience and dedicated

Address: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC)

Qingshuihe Campus: No.2006, Xiyuan Ave., West Hi-Tech Zone, 611731 Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Mobile: +8615528125089

WeChat ID: ayampa10

QQ : 2718691369

Posted: October 31, 2016
Expires: January 29, 2017

Mandarin classes for foreign kids/teenagers/adults

I'm a well experienced private mandarin tutor with 8yrs overseas teaching experiences and 5yrs in chengdu. 1on 1or small group. I'm a patient and warm person. If you are interested pls email me at, looking forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Posted: October 28, 2016
Expires: January 24, 2017

professional English Teaher

I am an experienced English teacher who has taught at various levels within the education fraternity. I bring to bear ample experience from teaching both children and adults. I have accumulated enough experience in my past to be able to give my utmost best in Chinese schools. Teaching has always been my passion because I believe in giving back to society what I have been taught. I blend music,games and activities that makes the teaching and learning very interesting with the intention of preventing my students from being bored. I welcome any teaching offer that is available, from primary school to the tertiary level. Thank You.

WECHAT : 15528126792

Posted: October 20, 2016
Expires: January 18, 2017

Dell laptop Found Netherfield D.Nicholson

Netherfield D.Nicholson please call me to pick up your laptop: 18010537426