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Posted: April 28, 2016
Expires: June 30, 2016

Home Furniture & other Items for Sale

Multiple items for sale, please see below for details :

Queen size bed + mattress for sale, bed bought 3.5k sell for 2k
Mattress bought 2k sell for 1k, as a package I'd sell them for 2.8k

Comfortable 3 seats sofa ( not leather ) for sale, tailor made for 4k, sell for 2k

Tea table and quality wooden TV table for sale, tea table bought 1.5k sell for 0.8k and TV table for 1.2k, as a package you can get both for 1.8k

You are welcomed to visit before buying or call/text at 159 2881 9917 for any questions or details regards items mentioned above .

Please note price doesn't include shipping from my place to designated destination

Posted: April 27, 2016
Expires: July 23, 2016

Moving sale (pics)

Moving sale from 24 city, super price if buy in bulk: paintings, lamps, drawer, blender, and much much more. I'm home all day long so can come look and pickup any time of the day.
add me on wechat and I will instantly send pics
wechat: shuaimengshi

Posted: April 24, 2016
Expires: May 11, 2016

Moving out sale!

Hello, leaving Chengdu for good, so selling a bunch stuff that I've used. If interested, contact me on wechat: p4lom4 or messaging me through this post. I can send you pictures of the items.
You can pick things up on the last week of April, some stuff are already available.
I live in niuwangmiao area, close to the subway and bus station.

1. Western mattress, king size. 300 RMB
2. Winter Blanket, king size (200x230). 150 RMB
3. Mattress topper, king size. Perfect to use on top of a Chinese mattress. 150 RMB
4. 2 pillows. 30 RMB each or 50 RMB for 2
5. 2 sets of quilt covers and pillowcases, king size, 10 RMB, 30 RMB
6. Mattress topper, small, 40 RMB
7. Small hair dryer. 20 RMB —- SOLD
8. 2 Bedside lamps. 3 RMB
9. Air purifier. Panasonic. 200 RMB —- SOLD
10. Iron. Philips. 40 RMB —- SOLD
11. Basket with suction cup, to put shampoo and other bathroom things. 30 RMB
12.Yoga mat. 20 RMB —- SOLD
13. 4 big towels 5 RMB each
14. Hanging shelf for the closet. 30 RMB
15. 37 Hangers. 1 RMB each, 30 RMB for all of them
16. Forks(3), knifes (2), kitchen tools, glasses, pans, pots, lunch boxes, plates (4), wine glasses (2) and more... everything you need for cooking for 250 RMB
17. School bike, small one. 100 RMB —- SOLD
18. Mixer and set of accessories for it. 100 RMB —- SOLD
19. Learning Chinese books. Beginner level, 4 books, 100 RMB —- SOLD
20. Vacuum cleaner. Philips, bought 3 months ago. 150 RMB —- SOLD

PS: I had a problem with wechat, so if you contacted me and I didn't reply, please do it again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted: April 23, 2016
Expires: July 22, 2016

daifo 150cc motorbike

hi all.i bought a motorbike which is 8months old.i bought it for 6000rmb,had all papers,good speed 120kmph,asking price-4000rmb for pics and negotiations add me on wechat-18227641431

Posted: April 22, 2016
Expires: July 21, 2016

Bicycle for sale

Bicycle for sale still as good as new (used only for one month), up for sale due to leaving the country soon. Photos available. Selling price 200 RMB, negotiable. Email if you're interested :)

Posted: April 22, 2016
Expires: July 21, 2016

Lucky Brand jeans - excellent condition

I have several pair of Lucky Brand jeans that no longer fit. All of them are lightly worn with no tears or stains. Purchased in US. Size 38x32, style '361 Vintage Straight' and '363 Vintage Straight'. 150RMB each OBO.

Also have 3 pair of slacks if interested. Black, grey and khaki. Can send pics upon request.

Text me at 18two8008three760

Posted: April 21, 2016
Expires: July 20, 2016

Second Hand Ebike for sale

-Second hand
-55km/h max speed
-Big and Robust
-Red Colour
-40km Battery duration
-Price: 1700
Add my wechat: georgeinchengdu

Posted: April 16, 2016
Expires: May 15, 2016

Chinese language learning books

We have some books related to English speakers learning Chinese language and culture for sale. They are gently used but with no markings. Please send a text to 18683562613 and indicate which books you would like. We are around metro line 2 at shuhandonglu.

Pearls of tang and song poetry with English and Chinese expressions 481 pages
Extreme Chinese 100 pages
Reading and writing Chinese a guide to the Chinese writing system 348 pages
Easy way to learn Chinese idioms 220 pages
Chinese idioms and their stories 433 pages

Things Chinese 323 pages
101 stories for foreigners to understand Chinese people 210 pages
China a religious state 237 pages
Red star over China by Edgar snow

8rmb per book or 60rmb for the lot. Thank you!

Posted: April 15, 2016
Expires: July 1, 2016

Giant ATX 27.5 (2015) Mountain Bike

Giant Mountian Bike - Model: ATX 27.5 (830-S)

Good Giant Mountain Bike set up for city communting with accessories: front and rear mud guards, lights, water bottle holder, 2 locks etc.

Excellent condition. Bought new in September 2015 from Giant flagship shop in Chengdu.

Aluxx aluminium frame. Altus gear shifters, and front and back derailers (27 speed). Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Frame size small - suitable for rider height 1.62m - 1.76m. You are welcome to try it out if you are not sure about the size.

Great for daily commuting, out of city trips and mountain trails.

Please contact me if you are interested.

Posted: April 15, 2016
Expires: June 5, 2016

**UPDATED AND NEW ITEMS!!!**Headphones, Full Frame Camera, Macbook Pro's, Misc. Tech stuff, Bike, Men's Clothes and Shoes

Welcome to my page. My WeChat is GolfingDuck, if you have questions about prices or anything else related to the post just let me know.
I had an old post with some of these items, some sold, and the rest I have dropped the price significantly so that I can move it quickly (hopefully)! My wife and I are moving back to the US in June and we are trying to finish a master's degree.

Here are the goods and the prices:

**Just Added**
Sennheiser 598HD

These are considered some of the most accurate headphones ever created. They are extremely neutral. They are in like new condition with an upgraded cable to use in a standard headphone jack.
Price: 900RMB


**Just Added**
Fiio X5 with Headphone amplifier. Included 2x64GB Micro SD cards. If you are looking for the best portable listening experience this it. If you are unfamiliar you can look on Amazon or any search browser for Fiio X5. The Headphone Amp is also a Fiio. This is built to play Lossless music including FLAC and WAV as well as just about every other type of audio file. It does one thing and it does it better than most comparable items under 6000rmb. Includes leather and rubber case.
Price: 2300RMB (I can go lower if you do not want the SD cards or the amp.)


Fitbit Charge HR (Black)
It holds a charge for about 15 hours, but it does charge very quickly. It does all of the functions perfectly, including heart rate. It is just the battery that has an issue. I sync it with my iPhone and the Bluetooth works fine. The discount for the battery is included and this is the lowest I will go. You will not find a better price for this model.
Price: 300RMB


**Just Added**
Apple Bluetooth Trackpad
Works perfectly.


**Just Added**
Space Heater (Tan) It is the kind that has 4 wheels and is about 40cm tall. It works well to cut the heat in a room.
Price: 300RMB



2x Original iPod touch 8GB

Price: 100RMB Each (they both hold a great charge and the screens are in good condition for their age. They have wear but work well. The price is set on these unless you are getting something else, and then we can bargain.)


13" Retina Macbook Pro (8GB Ram, 480GB SSD, 2.5Ghz i5) This was also brought over from the US, and has been all taken care of. It has minor wear from daily use, but is in great shape. The upgraded hard drive is the best part of this machine.
Price:4000RMB (Was 5000)


15" Retina Macbook Pro (16GB Ram, 1TB SSD, 2.6Ghz i7) I have used this primarily as a desktop computer since I purchased it in early 2015. It is flawless and clocks faster than the new MBP it is replaced by. I spent more than 3000 USD on it when I bought it for work. The price is as good as you will find in all of Asia, and likely the US as well. The charger is not original, the original had a frey and was recently replaced.
Price: **SOLD** RMB (Originally 18000, this is an incredible deal)


Apple Watch 42mm Sport Edition (Black) I bought this last summer in the US and has worked flawlessly. I do not wear it enough to justify holding on to it.
Price: 1700RMB


Logitech Solar powered Bluetooth Keyboard K760

Price: 120RMB


Sony RX1 FullFrame 35mm camera (Japanese Version) Includes Original accessories plus a hoya UV and polarizing filter. I will include the case I used and a 32GB SD.
**Updated**Price: 9000 RMB (Was 10000 RMB)



2x Original iPod touch 8GB

Price: 100RMB Each (they both hold a great charge and the screens are in good condition for their age. They have wear but work well. The price is set on these unless you are getting something else, and then we can bargain.)


iPad Air 64GB (White) Includes Apple Leather Case and zagg keyboard case. All of these were purchased at the MixC Apple Store. It has always been in an case and treated well.
Price: **SOLD** (was 2500, zagg case has been added)



Iphone 6 Plus (Black 64 GB) This is an unlocked Global GSM phone. I use it currently on China Mobile and get 4G. I have used it in Singapore, Indonesia, HK, and the US with 4G or 4G LTE where it is available. It comes with a Lifeproof nuud case which is waterproof. It has been in a case since I bought it.
Price: **SOLD** 4000RMB


Apple TV Black HK version with adapter (previous model)
Price: **SOLD**


Beats Wireless 2.0 (Black, Overear) These were purchased in the US and come with the original case, charging block and cable, as well as 2 wired headphone attachments. These have only been used a handful of times and are in near perfect condition.
Price:**SOLD** (Was 1800)


Sony X10 Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black/Silver) Bought this in the US, sound is exceptional. Perfect for a living room. Includes the original charger.
Price: **SOLD** (Was 1000)

Beats Powerbeats Wireless 2.0 (White, In-ear) Includes the original case, and a charging cable. These were a gift this christmas but I already have a pair. Used maybe 5 or 6 times and will come with new tips.
Price: **SOLD**


Kindle Fire (Original) It still holds a charge and has been well taken care of. Great for watching videos and reading books on the go.
Comes with a case and the original charger.
Price: 250RMB (Was 300RMB)


Giant Mountain Bike: It is in good condition, 2 years old purchased for 3400RMB. I ride it often but have not had any issues. I lock the suspension and it has been a great reliable commuter that would like do fine off road. I just never used it for that.
Price:**SOLD** 800RMB


I have several pairs of used Crocs that I am not wanting to take back, all are size 12. I will sell each pair for 60RMB (They were all purchased in the US)


I have a bunch of Golf Magazines that I am not packing, most were purchased for 60rmb each at various places throughout Asia. If you want all of them for 50RMB then they are yours.


All the laptops will be reformatted and updated to the latest OS. I have neoprene cases that I can include as well. If you have a request for software let me know, I have legit licenses for many pieces of software that I could potentially add on. It just might take a day or 2 to add.
I am open to trades with high-end camera gear, but cash is preferred. We live near the MixC Mall. Thanks!

Posted: April 14, 2016
Expires: July 13, 2016

Wooden Wardrobe and Wooden Storage Cabinet

Wooden Wardrobe: Height 210cm, Width 195cm, Depth 50cm.

Wooden Storage Cabinet: Height 180cm, Width 200cm, Depth 40cm.

Both made from wood, very strong and good working condition. 50RMB each. You will need to dismantle them to take them home or arrange for someone to do that for you. We live near the Minorities University.

Contact Helen 13408612670

Posted: April 8, 2016
Expires: July 7, 2016

Gaming computer

Selling a custom gaming rig, quad core i5 8gram SSD gtx970,
Easily plays the latest games is 2.5k resolution MUCH BETTER than ps4...... Comes with Xbox 360 controller....

5000 RMB

WECHAT: Sanbonmatsu48

Posted: April 6, 2016
Expires: July 5, 2016

Imported Bowflex Home Gym

This was imported several years back. Unit is in excellent condition, a 9 out of 10. I used this a lot for a year and this really helped get me back in shape. If your always on the run and do not have the time to join a gym, then you may want to consider buying this. You can read all the specifics below

Comes with the upgraded rods (310 pounds of resistance) and a professional rubber mat (originally cost $99.99) so that it will not damage the floor. Also have the bowflex book, original workout chart and digital versions of the assembly/instruction manuals.

Check out the specs on the amazon site to see if it will fit in your home. This cost almost $2,000.00 when new (with the upgrades) and that doesn't include the shipping costs to China. Looking for 3,000 RMB. This price is FIRM and includes the moving fee. When I purchased it, we used Ant moving company and the price was 300 RMB. If you buy this unit, 3,000 will cover machine plus moving costs. Email me or add my wechat: corygoldblatt

Posted: April 5, 2016
Expires: June 4, 2016

BTWIN Triban 100 FB Black

Fixed Gear bike, can be switched to single-speed

I bought it at Decathalon back in november 2015, but thinking about getting a E-bike. Still have the receipt, bought for 1099 but looking for 600.

I made some modifications to the bike. First I painted the wheels black rather than the original gold. I took the rear brake off, but I still have it.

wechat: danparkxx

add me and ask if you wanna see pictures.

Posted: April 4, 2016
Expires: July 3, 2016

BENCH PRESS + Squat rack

Decathlon squat rack and bench press + weights,total 80kg + bench....
New 3500rmb now 1500rmb

(You have to find a way to transport it by yourself)

Wechat Sanbonmatsu48
Pm me..

Posted: April 4, 2016
Expires: July 3, 2016


I'm selling my e-bike, black.
Good condition, latest design..... Goes up to 58kmh

Wechat: Sanbonmatsu48

Posted: April 3, 2016
Expires: July 1, 2016

Big Multiple Family Moving/Garage Sale this Saturday!!

Big Multiple Family Moving & Garage Sale! Many imported items!


Saturday, April 9th, 9am until 2pm
Zi Zhu Yuan 紫竹苑, 紫荆东路 96
(5 minute walk from Tongzilin Carrefour)


You don't want to miss it! Everything priced to sale! Convenient Location!


All foreign families and the many of the items are imported from abroad.


Kitchen wares & small appliances, adult & children clothes & shoes, handbags, toys, craft supplies, furniture, dishes, baby items, decorative items, exercise equipment, English books, homeschool books, organizational items, Legos, toiletries, riding toys and bikes and much much more!


The sale will take place in 6 different houses with over 11 families selling their items.


All of the homes are in Zi Zhu Yuan. The houses where the sale will be are:


1-3-601, 13单元601
4-1-401, 41单元401

Posted: April 1, 2016
Expires: June 30, 2016

king of fruits-durian

hell everyone:

fancy a durian??? now is the season of durian, if you are a durian lover. i am here to tell you that

imported fresh durian from thailand is coming in town. the taste is close to maoshan durian from

Malaysia except its much cheaper!!3 for 570rmb only . around 16kg. ship straight from Thailand.

if you are a true durian lover, DONT MISS IT!! please kindly contact me through wechat:471799853

or SMS to 13982177296 to order!



Posted: March 29, 2016
Expires: June 27, 2016

Motor bike for Sale

Hi! A Sleek Red motorbike is for sale. 250cc RTF Motor. Comfortable for off-road rides. For more information contact me in advaithusku2 @wechat

Posted: March 26, 2016
Expires: June 24, 2016

Business License for Sale

I have two Wholly Foreign Owned Business License for sale for $100 USD. They are registered in Wuhou district and in Jinjiang District. A big advantage in buying a registered WFO business is that the required capital has already been invested so registration and work visas should be a quicker, easier process. If anyone is interested in more info they can contact David Brubacher at