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Kobe Watson
Posted: November 26, 2015
Expires: February 24, 2016

Decathlon bike, Philips air floss 迪卡侬可折叠骑行车,飞利浦喷气式冲牙器

Bought my BTWIN Hoptown1 folding bike at Decathlon this Oct. 21st. I have a scooter now and I'm selling it. Bought a Philips Sonicare air floss at Chengdu Raphael Dental last Friday. My gums are too sensitive to accept the air floss and I'm selling it too. Both the BTWIN bike and the Philips air floss are brand new.


1. Bought the folding bike at 699 RMB price. Formal receipt, guarantee form (with serial number & Decathlon workshop's stamp on it), as well as warranty included. 6-month free safety checkup at Decathlon workshop (Oct 21st — Next April 21st). Lifetime warranty for frame, hard folk, handle bar and tap.

2. Dental professional air floss HX8341/01. Similar to non-dental professional HX8331/01, which is sold at 999 RMB on In the air floss package, there are three nozzles and I have used one. Two left hermetically-sealed. Bought it at 899 RMB. Instruction, Quick Start Guide, and Guarantee card included.

Prices are negotiable. Hit me back for photos or more info. Thanks.


上个月21号在迪卡侬购买的BTWIN Hoptown1骑行车我有了一个电瓶车了,现在要把它出售上周五在成都拉斐尔口腔购买的飞利浦Sonicare喷气式冲牙器我的牙龈太敏感了,不太适合用喷气式冲牙器,所以也打算出售它骑行车和冲牙器都几乎全新


1.骑行车原始价格是699 RMB。有正规发票,质量保证单(上面有序列号条码和迪卡侬印章),还有质保及维修单有六个月的免费安全检查(1021号到明年421)。车架硬叉把立和把横享受终生质保

2.飞利浦喷气式冲牙器牙医版HX8341/01。HX8331/01普通版近似。HX8331/01普通版在京东网上的出售在999在这冲牙器的包装里,有三个无菌密封的喷头,只有一个已经被我用过了原始购买在899 RMB。有说明书快速使用指南保用卡


Posted: November 24, 2015
Expires: February 22, 2016

Moving house

Selling fastly book rack,kitchen appliances,children bycicles 3(ages 5 years old from giant,green color & 7-9 years old bike blue & red color)water dispenser,sofa covers from ikea,blanket..just come & check,because everything to go out.We have to leave on this Saturday morning..Just come & give me call 18780108807

Posted: November 24, 2015
Expires: February 21, 2016

Bowflex Xtreme 2 home gym

This was imported several years back. Unit is in excellent condition, a 9 out of 10. I used this a lot for a year and this really helped get me back in shape. If your always on the run and do not have the time to join a gym, then you may want to consider buying this. There are several home gyms manufactured by some local companies that are surprisingly decent but they do not compare to this.

Comes with the upgraded rods (310 pounds of resistance) and a professional rubber mat so it will not damage the floor. Also have the bowflex book, original workout chart and digital versions of the assembly/instruction manuals.

Check out the specs on the amazon site to see if it will fit in your home. This cost almost $2,000.00 when new and that doesn't include the shipping costs to China. Looking for 4,000 RMB. Please note that you will not be able to move this by yourself. We will need a moving company and it should cost 250-300 RMB. Email me at:

Posted: November 24, 2015
Expires: January 1, 2016

Leaving China Sale - Household Items

My boyfriend and I will be leaving Chengdu in early December, and have a lot of apartment things that we need to sell. They are mostly IKEA items, and are in good condition. We are willing to haggle a bit and make bundle deals on groups of things. Let me know if you are interested! We live near the 西南民族大学 campus. Message me on Wechat if you have any questions, or would like me to send you the fliers we made with pictures of the items attached.

My Wechat ID is capfau

Some mattresses and bedroom things can be picked up now, but everything else can be picked up from the 8th - 12th of December (since we still need to use them until we leave).

A basic list of the items we are selling is below, separated into Bedroom Items, Home Items, Kitchen Items, and Electronics. All prices are in RMB.

Bedroom Items:

IKEA Mattress - is about 4 inches thick, can be used as a mattress topper, or by itself if you like firmer mattresses. Like new, purchased at IKEA for 1300RMB (1.5m wide x2m long): We are asking 800

IKEA Mattress and White Bed frame - This mattress is extremely comfortable (by Western standards) and like new. Together the mattress and frame were purchased for 2400RMB- we are asking 1200RMB

IKEA Mattress - (1.8m wide x2m long) Thin, can/should be used as a mattress topper- 400RMB

Nice IKEA Pillows (4x)- 50 each
Hanging Closet Organizer- 25

Storage Boxes and dividers- 40 (for all

Home Items:

Black Brown IKEA Desks (good for workplace or as a school desk)– 200 for both
Small wooden Desk and Computer Chair – 100 each
Small plastic IKEA desk chair with blue cushion - 20
Desk Chair Cushions- 50 for both

White boards- 30 for all 3
IKEA trash cans– 5 each
Helmer Storage Drawers (White, metal)- 150

IKEA Lamps (they have a nice stitched leaf and flower pattern on white shades, with black metal stands. One is shorter than the other, and is meant for the desk)- 150 for both

Couch pillows (small size; white and gray pattern x2)- 10 each
Couch pillows (medium size; red, yellow, brown x3)- 20 each

2 small fans (intended to be used as air filters, one currently has a filter on it, can purchase additional filters)- 20 each

Laundry Drying racks (x2) – 75 each

Kitchen Items:

2 electric water kettles- 75 each

Metal Kitchen Storage Rack - 100
Charcoal Barbeque Grill - 100

Rice Cooker (comes with a steamer, measuring cup and utensils) – 100

Plates – 15 for all

Large plastic Measuring Cup- 10

Glass pitcher for water, tea, etc- 20
Tea Steeping Cups- 20
 for both
Wine Glasses - 20
for both
Plastic Pitcher- 10

Metal Thermoses (we have 3) - 15 each

Plastic Mixing Bowl and Large Strainer- 5 for both

Blue Pasta Strainer -5

Pasta strainer that sets on your sink - 10
Dish Drying Rack - 20

Stupor Metal Soup Pot- 50

Green IKEA soup pot and sauce pan - 100 for both

Large kitchen garbage can - 40


Ikea outlet - 10
Wireless Internet router with Ethernet cable -30
2 game controllers - 50each

Laptop cooler - 50

Posted: November 23, 2015
Expires: February 21, 2016

Bike that Must Go

I am leaving China and need to sell my bike...
Mountain Bike and includes: Lock, messenger bag for back of bike, bike pump
Let me know ASAP
Selling for 1000rmb or best offer

Posted: November 22, 2015
Expires: January 1, 2016

Chinese Learning Books for sale

I have several nice Chinese language resource materials for sale. I bought most of them in the US, and brought them here, but I don't really want to take them back home with me. They are are clean from markings and are in good condition. Here is the list of books:

Pocket Oxford Chinese Dictionary
HSK 1-4 prep book

McGraw-Hill's Chinese Pronunciation (with CD)

Integrated Chinese Level 1 part 2

Integrated Chinese Level 2 part 1 (both textbook and unused workbook)
Integrated Chinese Level 2 part 2 (has a little bit of pinyin written in in pencil)
(all of the Integrated Chinese books are like brand new, I ended up taking a different Chinese class that didn't use them)

Contact me via Wechat if you are interested!

My Wechat ID is: capfau

We also have other things for sale, so please feel free to check out my other Gochengdoo ads, and contact me about those as well if you are interested.

Posted: November 22, 2015
Expires: January 1, 2016

New Yamaha Guitar for Sale

We have a very nice, brand new Yamaha guitar for sale. My boyfriend and I can't take it home with us like we thought we could, and we are leaving China mid-December.

The guitar model number is F600DW. It comes with a capo, 2 picks, extra strings (Ernie Ball and D'Addario brand), and either a soft or hard case (we have both, your choice).

Price: 1000RMB

Contact us via Wechat if you are interested!

My Wechat ID is : capfau

Posted: November 21, 2015
Expires: February 19, 2016

Brand New Iphone 6S Rose Gold

I'm selling a new Iphone 6S (64 GB Rose Gold) for 6,000 . It's the Chinese model A1700 and works internationally as well since it has the same LTE bands as the A1688 which is the "Global Phone" model (

It's brand new, I haven't opened it yet and it's still in the original package. I purchased it 2 weeks ago. I'm selling it because I don't need it at the moment. I live near the US embassy.

If you are interested please replay to this message and I'll contact you shortly.


Kieran R.
Posted: November 19, 2015
Expires: January 10, 2016

Giant Day Gecko with Habitat and Lights

Hi Everyone,

I'm leaving Chengdu in a couple of months and am selling a Giant Day Gecko (normal) with a habitat and all necessary lamps, including a heat lamp.

It's about two years old and is perfectly healthy with vibrant colors.

You can learn about the requirements of taking care of the gecko on this website:

I mainly feed the gecko crickets bought from a bird store (30RMB/container) and a single container lasts about a month.

All necessary items to emulate the gecko's natural habitat are for sale together, but can be bought individually if needed.

Prices (OBO):

Glass Habitat: RMB 100

Pair of UBV Lamps:RMB 70

Heat Lamp: RMB 65

Gecko : RMB 300 (originally purchased at RMB 500)

All items listed above together: RMB 470

Wechat: kieran01pd2016
Phone: 13258332110

Photos can be given on demand.

Posted: November 17, 2015
Expires: February 15, 2016

leaving china sale, inexpensive stuff

hey there, i am leaving china. I want to sell you my stuff.

TempurPedic Mattress Pad - 300
Ebike (no plates) - 500
Fan - 20
Printer - 20
Guitar -100
Electric Kettle - 20
Hot Plate - 50
Lamp - 50
Heat Lamp - 20
Weights - 100
Yoga Mat - 10
Pots n Pans - 20
Pancake Mix - 20
Books and Stuff - whatever

Extension Cords, power strip - 20
down comforter - whatever
hangers - 1 each
tool kit - 50
anything else you want

I would hate to throw these things away, so please come and buy them.

my wechat is kentobox

Posted: November 13, 2015
Expires: February 11, 2016

13 months Gym Membership (Physical Gym, 2 locations) - 3000RMB or best offer

Selling (transferring) my gym membership for Physical Fitness ( for much cheaper than you can get it at the gym. Physical has two locations in Chengdu - one in IFS (Chunxi Road) and another brand new location just opened in Raffles (near Sichuan gymnasium). Both are the most clean, modern gyms in Chengdu.

13 months left on my membership
Asking price: 3000RMB, or best offer.

Would like to sell this ASAP since I am moving from Chengdu.

If you go to Physical, they ask 3740RMB for 1 year...

Please add me on wechat: allenjsx or contact me by phone: 186 8371 1050 or email:

Posted: November 12, 2015
Expires: February 10, 2016


Hi Everyone,

We are a local based Import company that specialises in getting you what you need from the UK quickly, efficiently and at a great price. We have a huge selection of products available, too long to list. Here are some of the things we are currently shipping due to huge demand.

** Whey Proteins and health supplements

** Baby products such as milk, clothing, vitamins (calpol, Osteocare, Vitabiotics etc), Breast pumps, Toys and much more

** Chocolate, Sweets and food spices such as Cadbury, Nestle, Haribo as well as Colemans and Pataks Indian spices

** Luxury 100% authentic brands including Gucci, Armani, Burberry, YSL etc

Handbags, Coats, Shoes.

** Books & Games

** Christmas products including chocolates, mince pies, Christmas puddings, Christmas cakes etc

** Cosmetic & Beauty including shower gel, deodorant, face masks, mascara, foundation, lipstick etc

We buy on demand and also hold stock of our most popular products. All of our products are 100% genuine and come with receipts and documentation to avoid any import duties.

Wechat: yuancuilian for more info, prices and photos.

Posted: November 10, 2015
Expires: February 8, 2016

Phillips 47 inch TV

Phillips 47 inch TV, in excellent condition. Full 1080p, non reflective screen, 3 HDMI inputs and VGA etc. Has virtual surround sounds and wall mounting bracket.

Full specs and info can be found here:

Price is 2000. Contact me on Wechat at shambolic2000 or by phone on 18628397173. Replying through here sometimes doesn't work so those options are better.

Posted: November 10, 2015
Expires: February 7, 2016

Reverse Osmosis Water System

Only used for about 6 months. The Reverse Osmosis filter itself is from the US and assembled here in China. It retails at about 8,000RMB but we are looking to get about 2,500RMB. My husband and I have really enjoyed the system and drink water straight from the tap (after it goes through the RO system). Assembling the system is quite easy. The brand is called Pure Blue Model YK-RO-C8

Posted: November 2, 2015
Expires: January 31, 2016

guilin tours package

Guilinis the site of classic itinerary for your China holiday. there is proverb in china:"guilin mount and water top the world", This tranquil city let you touch the real natural, idyll hills,countryside farms ;rivers form the glamrous sencery.

GuiLin thing to do
1.Cruising along the picturesque Li River, The must thing you need to do when travel to Guilin.
2.Embark the boat for Li River cruise from Zhujiang Pier,
3.enjoy the unique shaped lime peaks on the river bank,
4.see the charming natural scenery on a leisure cruise with family;
5.after that, enjoy a walk on the famous western street
6.cycling around historically and culturally rich Yangshuo old town,
7.hiking through the magnificent Longji Rice Terraces...various adventures await you to experience.

To discover the picturesque landscape in Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng,you also could feel free to tailor make your own Guilin tour in China, and our guilin tour packages is flexible!

- See more at:

Posted: October 30, 2015
Expires: January 28, 2016

Foldable Bike For sale

Useful in the short-medium distance, and if you get tired just fold it and take it into de bus or metro :). The price is 200, for pictures and more information add me on wechat—>


Posted: October 28, 2015
Expires: January 26, 2016

For Sale - Appliances

Convert 110V to 220V Appliance Transformer - Made in Korea
Works great for small appliance with 110V to use in China

Game Console, Small TV etc.. Small to Medium Duty Size
New in Box. Sale for 100 Yuan

'LG' brand Dehumidifier - LG Model# LD-104DB - Imported / Made in Korea
A must have For Chengdu's humid/damped winter weather
Great for Drying damped clothes, In door dehumidifier and bathrooms
Digital Display, Timer, Easy rollers, Automatic Stop when full, Easy to pull water tank.

Compared with other brands / Sale for 900 Yuan

47" LED TV Skyworth Model# 47E61HR / Rarely watched and used

Internet Ready, HDMI, High Definition, USB.

Best Offer

For questions and photos,

Wechat: robertlee105

Posted: October 28, 2015
Expires: January 25, 2016

Electric Guitar + Pedal

Zoom G3X Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal. 600 RMB.

Multi-FX, Amp simulation, DI, USB interface/soundcard.
(Expression Pedal a little sensitive).


Jaws Electric Guitar. 900 RMB.

Silver / Grey.
Les-Paul style, Swiss-designed, Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo,

Seymour Duncan humbuckers,

Low action, great playability.

and free hard-case.

Welcome to try first.


Tel: 182 8458 6002
WeChat: tommy-b

Posted: October 28, 2015
Expires: January 25, 2016

42 inch LED TV

Skyworth 42-inch LED TV.

USB, HDMI, LAN inputs.

With stand.
Only ever used with PC.
Perfect working order.

900 RMB.

Tel: 182 8458 6002
WeChat: tommy-b

Posted: October 26, 2015
Expires: January 23, 2016

Wine&Beer&Coffee&Tea for Sale

Hi Guys
Our wareshous has thousands drinks for sale, includes imported Wine beer Coffe Tea across the world.
Penfolds,Lafite,Carlo Rossi,Jacob's Greek
Promessed amour,Casillero del Diablo,Yellow Tail,Square red,Jack Daniels,Kalar,Hennessy X.O,Fansinate X.O
All sort of drinks:
Beer, Baijiu,Brandy,Whiskey,Rum,Vodka,Cocktail,Spirt liquor,Saka....
Starbark,Mr.Brown,Alicafe,UCC,Heysong, Niceo Drip,Super, Owl.....
Price is cheaper than in the Bar and shop
We have so many of them, shipping can be arranged within China.

Add me on Wechat: Sharlingstore
Or text through: 15882495497