Non-oily Sichuanese dishes?

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  • listentospoon
    June 4, 2009
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    OK, I've been here for two weeks now, and my body is starting to hate me. 90% of the meals I've had were in restaurants, and I'm completely addicted to all the great local dishes. Problem is, they are usually pretty oily. Delicious, but maybe not so healthy, so I'm trying to cut down on the oil. Are there any recommendations on local dishes that are a little easier on the cholesterol levels?

  • invisible
    June 4, 2009
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    In issue 8 p. 16 "eat+drink" we had a double-spread including all the major Sichuanese dishes listed in Chinese, Pinyin and English, plus some other food-related vocabs. Try to find it:)

  • chris
    June 5, 2009
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    sometimes the problem is the restaurant, not the dish... certain restaurants will make every dish oily regardless of what it is, others will vary from dish to dish.

    in general though, food in chengdu does seem to be heavy on the oil - most of the dishes i can think of with little oil tend to be cold appetizers like laohucai (老虎菜 - a salad of cucumber, tomato, capsicum and onion) or majiang fengwei (麻酱凤尾 - qingsun greens with sesame sauce)

    green tea is supposedly good for flushing the oil out of your system, i always drink plenty with dinner

  • invisible
    August 24, 2012
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    here is the afore mentioned menu

    Sichuan Menu Part 1: Veggies, Tofu, Rice and Noodle dishes

    Sichuan Menu Part 2: Pork, beef and chicken dishes

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