where to get good bread in Chengdu?

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  • husunzi
    September 18, 2009
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    Does anyone have any idea where to get good bread in Chengdu? Gijs bakes some occasionally at Machu Picchu - I've heard it's the best, but haven't been lucky enough to try it yet. I've also heard Metro has some alright bread, but that's so far away from the Sichuan U./ Yulin area. The best I know of around here is at Carrefour, but it's really not that great. Surely there's something better around?

  • hapatofu
    September 18, 2009
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    believe it or not, trust mart has, imo, the best baguettes in town. and at 3.6 to 3.9 kuai (depending on if it's the herby one or not), some of the cheapest too.

    i assume you're talking crusty western style bread. otherwise i like the sweet stuff at madeli/马德利 (think those are the right characters. there's one in yulin, near machu)

  • pepper
    September 21, 2009
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    What qualities are you looking for in bread? I think the bread at the South Carrefour is very good, if you get it fresh enough not to have softened in the plastic. I'm happy enough eating Chinese style bread, actually, not the fake-Western sweet kind, but good quality Xinjiang nan bread is great. And if you go to Yulin market they have excellent northeast style lao mian bing (round flatbread) either sweet, onion, or plain, and fresh corn cakes either sweet or plain.

  • invisible
    October 27, 2009
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    Most international 5 star hotels also have bread in their bakeries, off my mind I remember Sheraton, Sofitel, Intercontinental and Kempinski. However usually it's not cheap and even at a higher price it's not said it's always good or fresh. For whole-grain try Kempi daily, it's not really what they claim but once in a while a nice change. Other than that try to make your own bread, get some flour and an oven, download some recipes. Chengdoo magazine had a page on DIY bread issue 21 "questions" p. 40. You can download it at www.chengdoo-magazine.com

  • ohreally
    October 29, 2009
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    and what about pastry bakeries in town? are there any places sell croissants that are worth trying?

  • invisible
    December 23, 2009
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    also have a look at annie's posts on bread recipes

  • misubi
    December 23, 2009
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    I recommend the Japanese bakery (Yamazaki?) at the basement floor of Isetan for good croissants. Their garlic bread is quite good too.

  • invisible
    February 17, 2010
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    If you are tempted to make your own bread Suning has 3 different machines (at least the bigger stores should have them).

  • jiajia
    February 25, 2010
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    The boule at Q's coffee is my weekend indulgence (the desserts are best avoided). 12 yuan. A satisfying, slightly dense texture- not like the lightweight styrofoam things you get at Carrefour. There's one on Tongzilin Dong Lu, just south of Erhuan Lu.

  • Zarah88
    March 3, 2010
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    anderson bakery

  • invisible
    March 21, 2010
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    anderson bakery doesn't qualify as bread imo.:)

  • Max JG
    October 12, 2010
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    As a seasoned foreign student here in Chengdu, I can tell you the best, and arguably the only, place to buy good bread in Chengdu is the Metro in in Qingyang district in the west part of town, on the Southwestern University of Finance and Economic's North gate.

  • Marky
    October 18, 2010
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    I love the bread from the Freemori bakery. I go to the one in Jinsha but I have seen several across Chengdu.

    11 kaui for 8 slices of "Toasting Bread" - maybe bit on the expensive side. The multigrain loaf is the best and actually only contains ingredients you should find in bread back in the UK so pretty much tastes the same.

  • Joseph Zhang
    November 7, 2010
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    Freemori and breadtalk are the two bakeries which I like very much. And breadtalk is on Chunxi road, only one in chengdu, the cheese cake in it is the best cake I have ever tasted.

  • iraglassismyhero
    November 8, 2010
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    Actually, there are Bread Talks all over Chengdu. There is one at Chunxilu, one inside the Shuangnan Ito Yokado complex (maybe Wanda Ito too? ), and a brand new one in the Constellations mall on the second ring road across from the Jianshe Lu Ito Yokado. Pretty much, wherever there's an Ito, there's a Bread Talk. Talk about piggybacking! There might be others, not sure. And I've never tried their sliced bread, but they do have loads of yummy pastries. I'm especially impressed with the savoury ones. Not just rou song at Bread Talk! :)

  • invisible
    November 17, 2010
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    @Marky @joseph zhang
    What kind of bread and how much is it?

    So since I already spotted some laowai in my favorite hide out I can as well push the place, it's a little bakery without a sign outside as it's delivering 5-star hotels, chains and cafes etc.

    They have different kinds of breads (including baguette) and Chengdu's best cheese cake (RMB8)!

    Ruishengnanjie - 瑞升南街 in Yulin. Good luck finding it!

  • Paulie
    December 8, 2010
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    I've always found the unsliced bread in carrefour to be acceptable.

    Just ask them to slice it for you.

  • clayuk
    December 14, 2010
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    Trust Mart has the best french wholemeal bread....

  • berlydallas
    December 16, 2010
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    The best bread in town, (and I hate to share it in case flocks of people come and there is not bread for me) is at Q's coffee. They have nice sandwich bread and their baugette's are nice too. It is located on tong zi lin dong lu in the south part of town right off 2nd ring road. Also, the bakery in Isetan has amazing bread too!

  • invisible
    December 17, 2010
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    The following might sound a bit harsh, but I think most Asians or mixed Asians do have different standards for bread (they don't mind it to be airy and sweet), so their judgements aren't really helpfull when it comes to find the real deal.

    Don't get me wrong: the parallel would be me advising Chinese on buying mooncakes.

    I agree with clayUK best taste and value for baguette is def trust mart, they sometimes have that one with the spices, really good at RMB3.50. The only way to get it cheaper and better is DIY.

    If you want really good rich dark bread try the cafe z buffet.

  • pepper
    December 17, 2010
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    yep, in China the bread is cake. And the cake is bread. That said, your previous tip on the unmarked bakery by the walking street is gold. Thank you.

  • MARC X
    December 24, 2010
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    I get my bread at ISETAN & the Andersen bakeries around town. Holiland as some ok bread on occasion. Besides that, i just go to Tex Mex and get them to sell me theirs :) Like burger bread!

  • Amour
    December 26, 2010
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    Kempinski bakery in the South Carrefour has authentic German bread. THE best in town.

  • Hammy
    December 28, 2010
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    Anderson Bakery has a brown loaf and Carrefour has real German pumpanickle

  • invisible
    December 29, 2010
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    psss keep it a secret:)

    Kempinski bakery in Carrefour has German bread? Don't believe just any company's claim, yes they charge the same money like in Germany, but it's nowhere near German bread. Big Rip-off.

    If it comes to really dark bread try the cafe z lunch, then you know what a real dark bread is (you might even call it German).

  • invisible
    August 14, 2011
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    Le Sud also has bread for takeaway, pretty nice baguette & white breads & rolls..


  • Skins
    September 21, 2011
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    bread talk 85℃ 罗莎蛋糕 安德鲁森 浮力森林

  • coryg
    October 28, 2011
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    The shangra-la has the best bread in Chengdu. It is obviously expensive but it is included in the buffet. You can get the buffet for lunch for 78 RMB if you choose only 1 section of the buffet instead of the whole thing which includes fruit and bread. Andersons bakery also has an excellent bread as it doesn't have any milk or preservatives in it. I have an allergy to milk products so I have check everything. 90% of all the "Western" style bread has milk powder in it. I don't know why they put it in as they do not do that in the US. Trust Mart's baguettes also do not have any milk in them in case anyone was wondering.

  • invisible
    October 28, 2011
    1534 posts


    RMB78? Really? Since when? Is that official? Yummmmmmmmm

  • coryg
    October 28, 2011
    20 posts

    Yes, that is official. I was just there on Wednesday. Actually if you order off of the menu it is quite cheap. Each entre is about 38 - 5x RMB and they have the best Western food in Chengdu. I have been to almost every hotel buffet except the Kempinski and the Shangra-la is by far the best. The 78 RMB buffet is only for 1 section such as salad bar, sushi bar, Sichuan food, Indian food, Pizza station or the noodle bar. Most of the fruit is fresh and many of the vegetable items are organic. They don't advertise the single section buffet which is a shame as more people would probably consider going there. The full buffet costs about 150 RMB.

  • alterego
    October 28, 2011
    9 posts

    Sorry to disagree but IMHO cafe z's bread (and all of their other food) is abysmal. If you really want decent bread, Sofitel (their "cafe z counterpart" on the 2nd floor) is WAY better (actually tastes like French bread); not to mention that they have delicious butter and sometimes some pretty decent cheese. Re; the so-called "bakeries" in chengdu...Andersen, Rosa, Tillen, Gigi or Holiand...they all taste like processed food to me (a la pepperidge farm or what not).

  • invisible
    November 2, 2011
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    i think you have to clarify, the dark bread at cafe z is simply good (and for me so far impossible to find better).

    I think you might refer to sofitel's croissants or french baguette, not dark bread. I started making my own french bread at home and i'd say i can compete with most places, however can't beat le sud's most time (as they have a better oven).


  • berlydallas
    November 3, 2011
    23 posts

    There is a new baker at Q's coffee. They started selling his goods yesterday. I was there today and had a pain au chocolate, black cherry danish, a real French baguette. I also tested their snow and English bread and they were all fantastic. They had this bread with bacon inside and it is supposed to be delicious. This stuff is not like you get in Andersen Bakery or Cafe Z or anywhere else in Chengdu. The new baker is Japanese and has lived in Thailand for quite sometime. I highly recommend getting over there and buying their goods. I think it is the best I have tried in Chengdu, even better than they had before.

  • alterego
    November 4, 2011
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    @invisible: I was indeed talking (primarily) about the baguette (which is thoroughly enjoyed with Sof's delicious butter and sometimes awesome cheese offering not to mention some grapes, wine...). I have not eaten the dark bread at either place so will trust you and others if you say that CfeZ's dark bread is acceptable. Kudos to you for baking your own; you probably can more than hold your own against what's available here (i just baked an amazing pecan pie...felt like i was back in the southern U.S.).

    @berly: Thanks for the tip. I would be happy to try it...I wanna believe that sooner or later Chengdu will attract some foreigners that will set up shop here and bring some creative Western tastes to this city (sichuan food is fantastic but IMO has too much oil to be eaten every day).

  • invisible
    April 21, 2012
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    The Ito Yokado at Chunxi is another location for good baguettes, however they are smaller than, bit more compact and not cheap: RMB6 (from my own experience I assume the actual food cost to be RMB1-2), crusty on the outside, soft, but not mushy inside.

    I recommend to start making your own bread. You need an oven, even a toaster oven for 300 kuai will do. Flour, salt, yeast, sugar. Watch a DIY vid on dough kneading and get started. The biggest mafan is to wash your hands if your dough is too wet and cleaning your place/ bowl (some use plastic bags for kneading).

    There is nothing better than fresh bread with slice of butter melting on top.

  • SadeqAmeenAbed
    April 22, 2012
    19 posts

    I would say chunxi lu in the same building as carefour there is a bakery but not inside carefour...it is beside starbucks and have quite a collection of bread..I usually take the french bread for 3 kuai and it would be fresh and very good for that price

  • churoxie
    September 19, 2013
    3 posts

    Discovered a great bakery and wanted to write a review but found that it is not listed in tripadvisor (where I usually post my comments) and it seems that there is no website in Chengdu to comment (you can only comment about the places the website administrators have available?!!?). I think I will start my own blog!). Well one of the bakeries is Andersen Bakery and the address according to google is Xinxiwang Road, Wuhou, Chengdu, Sichuan, China (according to my map is Xingxi Wang Lu road), a couple of blocks from Oakwood Residence. The website listed is andersen-bakery.com‎ but I tried the link and it doesn't work. It is a very small shop but I found a banana bread that tastes as if you baked one -occidental style-. Found another bakery that is more known since is has a branch in Tongzilin. The name is Holyland, also good pastries, chinese style. My differentiation between occidental and chinese style is the amount of oil that you'll find in the products ;)

  • churoxie
    September 19, 2013
    3 posts

    and by the way... tried the bread that is sold in WangFuJing Supermarket under the brand "Matedo" it is really good

  • invisible
    October 4, 2013
    1534 posts

    Another bakery to avoid: Bread Street. Their trilingual packaging and pricing pretends to be international, but the product is cheapo Chinese fluffiness.


    FYI Andersen Bakery is a HUGE chain with around hundred outlets all over the city that sell generic products catered to the Chinese market (that's why they are not listed its literally everywhere and even their own website doesn't keep up with the pace of expansion).

    But this thread is about good Western style bread of which Andersen and all the other clone chains Holyland, Matedo, Rosa, Gigi, Madeli, Tillen, Qingyuan etc offer NONE.

    BTW try to add a www. to the link and it should work.

    andersen locations


  • churoxie
    October 7, 2013
    3 posts

    Thanks Invisible! You can tell that I am a new comer and just discovering around. Indeed today I was wondering and found at least 2 andersen shops in tongzilin. Well, what I can say, I liked their banana bread since is not as oily as usual chinese pastries. I do like the Matedo bread, and just found a matedo store across the street of the raffles mall (though the selection at the supermarket is much larger than the one in their own shop). Probably the brands you've indicated are trying to copy western style bread, well it works for me and now I will try them as well :) just thought on sharing my discoveries. I am conscious that i am not in europe anymore ;)

  • NuhisDeli
    November 24, 2014
    15 posts

    Hi all,

    At Nuhi's Deli we bake fresh baguettes and batards daily. European quality, full sized (280gr, will make two good sandwiches) RMB12. Ciabattas (RMB12) and handrolled butter croissants (RMB18) are intermittently available.

    Next to the breads, we do a small but good selection of desserts and pastry. Our tiramisu is slowly getting famous.

    Our hot kitchen is centred around European-style thin crust pizza and we offer a small selection of pasta dishes, salads and sandwiches/panini.

    Our motto is "Keeping it fresh, keeping it simple". Too elaborate a dish and you'll be thrown of mark in taste because of ingredient standards. At the moment there are really good and affordable ingredients available to support our basic menu.

    We're located on First Ring Road South, First Section nr. 9 second floor (over a ZiZi and a WoWo in the old Kaffestugan).

    Wed-Fri 18:00-22:00 (kitchen 18:00-21:00) and Sat/Sun 12:00-22:00 (kitchen 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-21:00). Because of our approach (we make everything ourselves) and location (small kitchen) we have a huge proportion of prepping time. In due time we will expand on opening hours.


  • Aireline
    December 1, 2014
    106 posts

    I went to Nuhi's Deli at the weekend, haven't eaten such good food in ages. I wish I could write a proper review but Nuhi's don't appear to be listed on Gochengdoo. You should stop by soon, great stuff!

  • GeorgeC
    January 4, 2015
    3 posts

    You can get really good bread and pre-made sandwiches, croissants, at Tous Les Jours, which is on Shenlong Street.

  • mrnige
    January 5, 2015
    15 posts

    Hi everybody, I'm Nige, been in China 9 years; Chengdu 7 years. I have been supplying English and European food to expats in my area for over a year now. My own cured bacon, pork sausages, meat pies etc. Also bread cake or baps as otherwise known. I'm MrNige on we chat

  • tianci
    January 6, 2015
    1 post

    The best bread in Chengdu isn't at any of these laowai focused places, but at the Xinjiang restaurants all over town fun by the Uyghur people.

    It's a flat bread baked in a tandoori over and they usually sell them for about 3 RMB.


    They start making them in the morning and they're usually sold out by dinner time, so visit mid-day.

    The bread can be taken home and wrapped up and will last a day or two.

  • corygo
    February 16, 2015
    78 posts

    In the past 6 months, I started baking bread myself using a 300 RMB Media toaster oven.

    It is incredibly cheap to make and tastes better than anything you can buy in the city.

    If your not familiar with baking your own bread, all you need is flour, water, yeast and salt.

    This website is a good place to start if this interests you:


  • squouse
    May 27, 2015
    4 posts

    Raisin & walnut bread from Tous Les Jours.
    If u kno, then u kno.

    (also their walnut bread with the soboro-ey crust is pretty darn good too. Best for baguettes and granaries in my opinion)

  • Redwithrage
    July 15, 2015
    8 posts

    On the topic of bread you can go to Redbeard Burgers on Sundays and get fresh handmade bagels!

  • macro
    August 22, 2015
    6 posts

    Today while walking in Tongziling I stumbled upon the best bread, scones and pain au chocolat that I've had in the last 4 years in Asia. (They have more products, but this is all I tried.)
    It sure reminded me of good quality pastries and bread back in Europe.

    The place is called Zoe Bakery and it's on Tongziling Zhong Lu.

    Crunchy crust and soft middle with a buttery taste. Simply something that Tous les Jour (my pastry and baguette supplier till now) hasn't achieved so far with their products.

    Some of the prices were higher than at regular bakeries around Chengdu, but the quality was also superior (to everything I've tried).

  • basudin
    September 24, 2015
    27 posts

    Haven't bothered reading through the thread, but the best wholegrain European style bread I've ever found in Chengdu is at the German bakery called "Baker and Roast" on Hongji shang lu (or zhong lu? Around the corner from Waitan), and it's half the price of Ole.

  • invisible
    October 1, 2015
    1534 posts


    Every single time I've heard the claim "German" in relation to bread in Chengdu my taste buds have corrected me.

  • basudin
    October 2, 2015
    27 posts

    @invisible: Hah, granted! There's no sourdough involved, but the farmers' bread would be something I'd be more than happy to buy in Norway too. Their cakes and desserts are all very, very Chinese, but the bread really is good!

  • basudin
    October 2, 2015
    27 posts

    ...and I guess it's "German", they used to have a German lady working there a couple of years ago.

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