Internet in Chengdu

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  • invisible
    April 30, 2010
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    After years of painfully slow, sucky, breaky internet I can claim Chengdu Greatwall Broadband Network is total crap.

    Don't get it, unless China Telecom's line doesn't reach into your living room.

  • invisible
    May 26, 2010
    1534 posts

    Dang, after moving to a new flat the only ISP available is Greatwall Broadband (3 in a row, bad karma) and e-jia. Since e-jia is cheaper than any offer I came across town I wonder if they are Greatwall Broadband re-seller. Anyone used them before and can drop a short feedback?

  • NeoWang
    July 1, 2010
    8 posts

    Actually E-jia (e-house) is a brand of China Telecom, or more likely a trademark for their family network solution, which includes phone line, mobile phone and ADSL. Generally speaking, it's pretty good.

  • MARC X
    July 21, 2010
    13 posts

    Ya, I have Greatwall and I'm changing cuz seriously, not great. For some reason, every time my flatmate starts her PC, I lose half the speed and connections.

    Plains sucks!

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