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  • Leigh
    June 19, 2010
    4 posts

    I was wondering if any of my fellow Lao Wai have experience getting a credit card from a Chinese bank. Is it possible? And if so how should one go about getting one?


  • hapatofu
    June 19, 2010
    149 posts

    i'm pretty sure it's possible since i have some foreign friends who have them to use on taobao and stuff. i guess you'd just go to your bank and ask them how you can apply for one. but if it's just that you need a card to purchase something a standard-issue bank/debit/atm card will usually do in lieu of a credit card.

  • Yuantongsi
    June 20, 2010
    172 posts

    Hi, I got a credit card from the Industrial Bank with no problems, its a dual currency card USD/RMB, I applied with a group of people from work, the only thing to watch for is that they should use your name as it appears in your passport and not your Chinese name,,otherwise its difficult to use overseas.

  • invisible
    June 25, 2010
    1534 posts

    I guess you have to provide a proof of regular income, otherwise you just end up with a debit card afaik.

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