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  • jeabjeab
    October 16, 2010
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    We are looking at relocating for next year and my 18 year son is not sure he wants to go. He is due to start to Business/ Law/ Accounting studies at University next year. Any advice for an International student (non chinese speaking) wishing to study at one of the Uni's in Chengdu?

  • hapatofu
    October 17, 2010
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    study what? if he wants to pursue a degree in something other than chinese, he'll have to learn chinese to a university level first — probably a four-year investment before he can start on a subject. he can also do a four-year bachelor's program in chinese language at sichuan university; that's the only undergrad degree program open to non-chinese speakers, as far as i know. or he could just defer uni a year and study chinese without earning a degree. that would also be enriching and probably a good experience.

  • Max JG
    October 18, 2010
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    I must tell you that this sounds like a bad idea already! A foreigner studying business in China, or for that matter, any other major except for chinese, must know that education systems are quite different here than abroad. If you have the chance to study outside of China, DO IT! I have friends who study business at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and I believe that it is uninteresting, and not such a challenge. A lot of the times, you are taking courses that are not in your native language, and on top of that, getting special treatment because the teacher doesn't want to deal with that much 麻烦

  • invisible
    October 18, 2010
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    Here's my advice. Skip that stupid idea of having your son studying this boring non-sense. Let him discover the world, he's 18 he needs to see everything for himself.

  • Dragon Expeditions
    October 19, 2010
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    One option which seems to match your son's requirements pretty well would be the Sino-British Business Management course offered at Chengdu University of Technology (成都理工大学).

    This is by far the largest government approved sino-foreign collaborative higher education programme in South-West China (over 400 students and running since 2005) and is actually a three year British Degree Programmme franchised from and awarded by Staffordshire University. All teaching is in English and there is a large stable expat teaching and management team. At the moment the final year is not delivered in China and offered in the UK or Singapore.

    Although definitely able to accept foreign students so far all students have been Chinese and recruited through China's national university entrance examinations (Gaokao) but given the implications of the recent Browne report on funding in Higher Education in the UK it's likely that the programme will market to students in the UK as well from this year. The programme website is at (Chinese only) and details of the specific franchised course are available in English at

    You'd be more than welcome to call the programme office on +86 (0)28 8407 9370 / 8407 9538 / 8407 9824 for a lot more details about the programme or to arrange a time to visit.


  • nepaliman
    December 31, 2010
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    guys. i need to 6 month visa.. because i am trying to take a private tutor ... but he cannot give me visa .. any idea ? how can get visa for 6 month .. before being kicked out of chengdu ?

  • kogwk
    January 2, 2011
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    the people of fifth floor,you are wrong.i am a graduate from chengdu university of technology.My almamater is suitable to give you the knowledge of geology who want to have ambition in this areas.Of course,others Science and Engineering skill you can learn from chengdu university of technology.but having Business/ Law/ Accounting studies at chengdu University of university is not a advisable thing for your son.there is not have adequate resourse in these subjects in chengdu university of technology.maybe sichuang university or Southwestern University of Finance and Economics is better choice for fact,you can know the same answer from any sichuan people around yourself。
    best regards

  • iraglassismyhero
    January 3, 2011
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    the fifth floor??? what on earth are you talking about???

    if you really are an alumna/alumnus of CDUT (from the past five years, at least), then surely you've heard of the 成都理工大学与英国斯泰福厦大学合作办学 in building 9? it's part of the 信息管理学院.

    i think you need to check out:

    trust me, there is indeed an international-standard business program at cdut. there's also an australian hospitality program there. i don't know why it should come as such a surprise...

  • hapatofu
    January 4, 2011
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    @iraglassismyhero: it's chinese internet slang. kogwk was referring to the fifth poster, which would be dragon expeditions. as to the rest of his/her post, i have no comment.

  • iraglassismyhero
    January 4, 2011
    99 posts


    i figured as much but am too lazy to go trolling chinese forums to work it out! ;) thanks!

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