Rekicating from Australia :- creche/ kinder/ school

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  • jeabjeab
    October 16, 2010
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    Some of the information on the site is great but wondered if anyone had some specific advice.

    We are a large family (4 childrens aged 18 years, 5 year old, 3 year old and 2 year old) looking at making the move. Have a very supportive employer but not sure where to locate in the area and which schools to pick.

    Would those there recommend sending all three little ones to same school or better to split pre-schoolers from school age?
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  • saosao
    October 17, 2010
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    Assuming you are looking at international schools, most of them offer pre-school and primary/elementary education on the same site and it would your life easier if all the kids were educated at the same place as most likely getting them to school will involve your car or a school bus.

    QSI and Eton House both offer Chinese language kindergarten as well as English language kindergarten and then English language primary education with daily Chinese lessons. Many people decide on school first and then locate as close to the school as they can find an apartment so probably worth visiting the schools to see which fits you best.

  • donslis
    October 18, 2010
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    Leman International School and CDIS (a Christian Curriculum) also offer age 3 and up education. Leman is a large, US owned international school located in the South of Chengdu. LIS offers a complete Early Childhood, Primary and Middle School program based on the International Primary Curriculum. Chinese, IT, PE, Fine Arts, Performing Arts, are all included with specialist teachers. All teachers are fully certified international educators. Leman has large, modern facilities including science labs, library, international dining hall, a large gymnasium, indoor, heated 25 meter pool, two artificial turf soccer fields, tennis courts, etc. Leman opened in Chengdu in 2009 and has already doubled it's enrollment. Leman is owned by the Meritas Family of Schools - and has 19 sister schools across the world. For more information visit the new LIS website at I work for Leman and am happy to share this information with you. We do have a few students whose sibling attends another school in town but for the most part all of our families enroll all their children at LIS. The campus is an easy 30 minute commute from the Tongzilin area (where most of our families live) in new, large A/C busses with monitors. Many families also choose to live at Luxehills - a beautiful European style setting wiht large homes, townhouses, condos, golf course, pools, etc. Luxehills is only about 10 mintues from the LIS campus. Hope this is helpful. Be sure to visit our web site - lots of information to be found there including metro maps, a guide to Chengdu, and a document that you might find helpful in choosing a school for your children.

  • kiara22
    December 27, 2017
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    Hi jeabjeab,

    It is better for you to send your children to the same school. Nowadays, most of the schools offers pre-school education along with higher education.

    So you can search that kind of schools which will fulfil your all the requirements.

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