Peter's Tex Mex raises prices by 20%

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  • Jack M
    January 22, 2012
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    Peter's Tex-Mex has been consistently offering the same quality food for the last couple years. Their food is not bad. Their salads are basically consistent with a TGI Fridays salad bar, their mexican food is consistent with other Chinese mexican restaurants such as Mexican New Wave in Beijing, and their sandwiches are better than subway. (The burger isn't bad unless you get it on an off day when the ground beef tastes a little funky.) I don't touch the entrees due to the high price and a selection that often includes deep fried meat. Their pasta is definitely not Italian but if you forget that pasta should be Italian for a moment it can actually be enjoyable. The milkshakes on the other hand are amazing.

    The point being(other than the milkshakes) nothing at Peter's is really even close to authentic or particularly good. Peter's however is acceptable by Chengdu standards due to variety on the menu, nice presentation, good location, and most of all good service. I do emphasize the very friendly and helpful staff. They even offer delivery. Go Chengoo's readers just nominated Peter's as the best foreign restaurant in Chengdoo regarding price as one of the factors. And then yesterday I went to Peter's and the noticed the prices had risen by 25% in some cases while offering no improvement in the food. The Texas Whopper for example is up from 36 RMB to 49 RMB. The quesadilla is up from 29 RMB to 39 RMB. I understand inflation but the prices are up but this is going a little bit far. I recommend everyone think twice before going to Peter's for a cheap and fairly good quality lunch. Same shit, much more expensive

  • suxiaofeng
    January 22, 2012
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    for long

  • mizuiro
    January 22, 2012
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    Much agreed. I used to stop by and eat their chicken fajita sandwich all the time because it's actually pretty delicious and it was inexpensive. Tex Mex was my go-to restaurant for whenever I couldn't decide what to eat whenever I wanted a taste of home. However with the increase in price, I might as well go to Bookworm and get something a little nicer to eat for the price.

  • clayuk
    January 23, 2012
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    This also happened last year. Grandma's Kitchen also increased its prices.

    The cost of living hasn't gone up that much.

  • FatFuckFrank
    January 23, 2012
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    When is comes to "western food" most things are overpriced in Chengdu/China, I eat cheaper and better in my home country.
    This place is rubbish.

    One other thing that i really don't like is that most "western food" is Americanized, i want a normal Pizza not one that has tones of chees on it.

  • zicheng
    May 9, 2012
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    Had brunch here last weekend. Worst waffles of my life. Total was 165rmb for 3 people eating basic breakfasts and coffee, nothing else. More expensive than an American diner with none of the quality or flavor.

  • Wes0381
    May 9, 2012
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    A couple of years back Peter's used to be my American style gut-bomb breakfast of choice. Gotta say that the Lazy Pug Sunday brunch has won me over hands down. Can't beat the price, quality, and lack of screaming children running amok.

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