Looking for laminating service

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  • hugwee1844
    March 2, 2012
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    I am looking for a place that can laminate a few posters. I've checked 3 different print shops around where I live, but none offer the laminating service. Anyone know of anywhere in Chengdu that does?

  • invisible
    March 2, 2012
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    Have you check the big printing companies? They should be able to do it.

  • hugwee1844
    March 7, 2012
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    Anyone happen to know the name of a big printing company in Chengdu and where I could find it?

  • Monster
    March 29, 2012
    8 posts

    You can go to Dong Cheng Gen Jie.
    成都东城根街 (You can serch on Google about how to get there).

    There are a lot of bigger printing shops. Thats also where a lot of smaller shops go to after they got a deal.

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