Medical exam for x visa to study in Sichuan university 成都

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  • hcalla02
    May 16, 2012
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    Well,as many people including myself are seeking advice and clarity regarding the foreigners physical exam (with attached x ray\ECG and blood tests) for the x visa application for students in Sichuan university (or any other in chengdu) I decided to create a thread on it to gather all the information together.
    I will study a BA Degree in chinese language.
    please answer:
    1. the cost of all those medical procedures required for the x visa in chengdu(foreigners physical examination).
    2. any hospitals in chengdu you recommend
    3.your experiences about it,the problems that arose?
    Any other advice or question in relation to this thread are welcome.
    would really appreciate someones help with this. the admin are scu are annoyingly slow or just busy.
    I have everything ready to start in 2012 september except the medical things

  • ynwa2001
    May 16, 2012
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    I did my medical just a couple of weeks ago. It was a really straight forward process. You must take 2 passport photos with you along with your passport and also the fee which is 411rmb. You can pay a little more if you need the certificate earlier. I was prepared to wait a couple of days to go back and collect it. I went to the hospital in Tongzilin. Its on 1 tongzilin north road and the whole process took me around 40 minutes. There are 7 tests and I cant recall all of them. The doctors at this hospital can speak English so its quite comforting to know whats going on and where you have to go. Hope that helps.

  • mizuiro
    May 16, 2012
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    My experience from January 2012:

    If you arrive without passport photos or your photos are too small, never fear, for right in front of the hospital is a security guard who will take your picture and print them out. 4 pictures for 20rmb. I heard you only needed 2 pictures, so I brought 2, but the registration lady demanded 3 so I had to get some taken. I guess it depends on the registration lady.

    Go EARLY in the morning, as it will be crowded. From what I remember seeing on a sign, there is a cut-off time to accept patients for physical exams (but I forgot what time).

    From what I was told, you can only go to the hospital in Tongzilin to receive a qualified physical exam for your visa.

    1) As you walk in the main entrance, stop by the booth on the right to get your paperwork. It's in Chinese and English. You'll fill this out, attach your passport photos, and wait to turn it in. Then you'll go to another counter to register, and finally another counter to pay. The papers they give you are in English and tell you what tests you have to do and where to go. I started on the 3rd floor and went down. From what I recall, my experience went like this:

    3rd floor: Wait in line for urine cup. Wait in line to pee. Wait in line (with warm urine cup in hand) to turn in urine cup. Wait in line for blood test.

    2nd floor: In no particular order - eye exam, weight and height recorded as well as skin check (the doctor had me lay down and lift up my shirt and looked at my stomach, but didn't pay attention to my arms or legs or feet), scan with ultrasound (they have you lift up your shirt, smear on some cold gel, and do an ultrasound), some other test where they attach wires to your chest and stomach (nothing painful). It was on the 2nd floor while we were waiting in line that a passing doctor noticed my friend and I, and told us in English to go to a special room for our skin check. There was no line to wait in and the doctor spoke good English.

    1st floor: Chest x-ray. You're required to remove your shirt and bra. Women are given a special shirt to put on behind a screen with other women.

    Turn in your paperwork and get a free milk box to drink. They then give you a receipt and tell you when you can come back and get the results, but I told them I needed it the same day. They then stamped my paperwork, gave me another receipt, and said to come back after 4:30pm. No extra fee for us. We went and ate some pizza and walked around, then picked up our paperwork without a problem.

    It took my friend and I two hours to complete the process, as we got there around 11am. I heard if you arrive earlier, it takes less than an hour.

    *Words of advice: Go early. Wear shoes and shirts that can be easily taken off. Bring at least THREE passport photos and your passport. Bonus points for bringing wet wipes to use after you pee in the cup, because the bathrooms didn't have soap and my stall handle had pee on it.

  • hazzo1991
    July 5, 2012
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    WO! thats great, i think you provided all the information anyone will need to know! thanks a lot guys, really appreciate that.will go next week to do it;)

  • invisible
    July 5, 2012
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    here's another thread

    if you don't want to spent half day in that piggy bank, show up at 11sh. They'll rush you through their placebo tests in no time. Took me 30something minutes last time from the time of registration till the end (yes incl. getting a passport photo in the front).

  • Marky
    July 5, 2012
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    I went yesterday, pretty busy. I always collapse after the blood test - so I did it last this time - regardless of what the sheet says, it doesn't matter what order you do your tests in - except for the urine test which you must do before the blood.

    Although they advertise as opening at 7:30 - they don't start any tests or issue forms until 8:30.

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