Using PayPal in China

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  • Gosunkugi
    November 11, 2012
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    Hi there!

    I'm one of those refuse have a credit card! I definitively don't want to have a credit card, I prefer use the money from my bank account and only count with what I have. But, now a days a credit card is really important if you wanna buy stuff from internet, such product or services.

    However, a lot of things can be payed by PayPal, and I realized there is a way to connect a chinese bank account with paypal. I don't have so much experience using it, does somebody have experience using it?

  • Marky
    November 12, 2012
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    You don't need a credit card or paypal to buy things online. Websites like Taobao and all accept bank card payment. You just have to go into your bank and ask for it to be enabled.

    Personally with my banks, I have it setup so if I purchase something online I first get a security code messaged to my phone which I type into the payment website to confirm my purchase. Alternatively, banks will try and give you a USB device you insert into your computer when your trying to purchase something to confirm your identity. You need to have one or the other.

  • Gosunkugi
    November 12, 2012
    12 posts

    Hi! thanks for your msg
    all right but what about if I want to contract a hosting service or pay a dropbox account or buy something in thinkgeek... I do need a way to pay with paypal at least =/

  • Stephe
    November 13, 2012
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    Hi Gosunkugi-

    It's definitely possible to connect your Chinese bank account to your PayPal. It's the same process as a foreign bank account. You will need all of your Chinese bank account info, this includes the account number as well as the bank routing number. After you create your PayPal account (make sure your name for the PayPal account and your bank account are the same otherwise they cannot be linked) go to your "profile", on the left there should be a "my money" button, click that. On the next page you should see "bank accounts", click this and begin set up. It is pretty self-explanatory, what PayPal does is after you enter your information they deposit two small amounts into your account and send you a verification email. You will go to the verification page and enter the amount of these two deposits. Your account is now "verified". After this you will need to transfer money from your bank account to PayPal before you can buy anything.

    To add money go to the top of your PayPal page and click "my account" and then "add money". Select the bank transfer option. PayPal will walk you through this.

    It's a pretty easy process and PayPal has a lot of support just remember this can all take upwards of a week so if you want to buy something plan ahead. Hope this helps.

  • Gosunkugi
    November 15, 2012
    12 posts

    wowowow! thank you very much! soon I will go back to the bank to check how they register my name and ask the name of the branch and all that stuff... after the process get finished I will write again to tell how was that.

    Thank you very much for all that info!

  • Gosunkugi
    February 14, 2013
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    well finally I got thousand of problems linking the account to my paypal, just myself bad typing or stuff like that.

    Now my question is, can be a UnionPay card be linked to Paypal?

    I want to pay my hosting account, when I try to pay it using paypal, there are some cards as an option, but UnionPay don't appear. Naturally I haven't linked any credit card to my paypal account, then I don't know how the linked cards appear. So, my question is, can I use the credit card to pay the hosting even if the unionpay doesn't appear as an option, just knowing that once linked the card should appear in the list?

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