Accommodation near Sichuan University?

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  • erikstenberg
    May 25, 2013
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    I just got accepted to Sichuan University to do a one year language course starting this September. They're suggesting that I book accommodation in the dorm at campus which I think is a pretty good deal given the low price. I've got no problems living a bit dirty, but the only thing I'm afraid of is that it'll be only foreigners.

    I visited Chengdu for a short while in January this year, so I know some of it. Basically, what I'm wondering is; what is normal for you language course students? Do you usually live at campus, or do you tend to move out to somewhere around school?

    Is there any do's and don'ts I should take heed of? I'm completely green, and I don't know anything about accommodation so any tips and recommendations are warmly welcome!

  • invisible
    May 25, 2013
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    there a discussion here

  • chuckkilgore
    September 1, 2013
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    apartment prices are comparible to the dorm, and they're 3 times the size, on the other hand when I moved out the dorm I seemed to never study.

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