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  • tingri
    July 16, 2013
    4 posts


    I am unable to release the sim card tray on my tablet

    Any suggestions please as to where I may get this fixed,places that sell the nexus,repair shops etc

    Thanks in advance for any help re this frustration

  • MrAlex
    July 19, 2013
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    Well, you can take it to the 'tech tower' over on first ring road and Renmin south road. Do you speak chinese? you made to, in order to get this looked at, but maybe not.

    Depending on what happened, I could take a look at it, sim card tray is a fairly simple problem. Message me if you are interested. I work on my own electronics from time to time.

    But besides 'tech tower' you could try any of the little electronic shops around town, as long as it is obvious (from a quick glance) that they do repair there. If you have a chinese friend who is willing to help (assuming you don't speak chinese), that could expedite things.

    But basically, from my experience, these electronics repair guys will fix almost anything, for a buck, and I've seen full screen replacements and other hardware problems being handled in an afternoon.

    The forth floor (maybe the fifth too?) of tech tower has a bunch of these guys. the buidling I'm talking about is named the Chendu digital tower (成都数码).

    Hope this helps.

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