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  • MrAlex
    July 19, 2013
    10 posts

    hey everyone! I'm planning a trip to Xinjiang during national day. I am really grappling with how to get there and back. I'm really only thinking of a 7-10 excursion. Right now I'm mostly concerned with how to arrive in Xinjiang, whether by train or plane, or perhaps a combo? I live in Chengdu, and plan of going to Xinjiang from here.

    So basically, any suggestions? I'm sure I can merely arrive in a major city, like Urumqi and then spread out to there, so I"m really looking for any advisements on traveling to a major city? I've got plenty of time until October, and so I welcome any and all suggestions until then : ) and thanks in advance!

  • MrAlex
    July 19, 2013
    10 posts

    Another FYI, when I'm back from this trip, I'll put the entire travel process on this thread, to help others, whether it is a cautionary story or a story of successful travel!

  • Ronnie Tank
    August 12, 2013
    15 posts

    I had been to Sinkiang/Xinjiang last year by train. to tell you the truth it is completelyyyyyy difficult to buy tourism coach/hard sleeper/ying-wo ticket. the truth is there is only one train everyday boarding from chengdu to Urumqi. i can describe for you about my then trip - sleep on the hard chairs with my another 14 pals for 2 nights!!!! most of our time was spent on play pokers...i really cherish the memory of this trip with pals, cause i may never have the chance see them, including the scenery of Sinkiang.

    if you are lucky to buy the hard sleepers tickets, or you have enough budget to buy the soft coach/ soft sleepers/ ruan-wo ticket, or even you and your companions could bear the hard chairs tickets, you may greatly widen your horizon about the north-western chinese. huge but bare mountains, huge grassland, sheep, running kids, unnamed birds, sands, deserts, wow wow wow...really charming and attracting.

    starts at 17+ or 19+ o'clock and ends 17+ three days later.

    train and airplane is the only convenient paths to Sinkiang.

    fruits & nuts in Sinkiang are terribly delicious and strongly recommended apricot 杏子, Xingzi, Shing-dzi, hami-melon, 哈密瓜, hami-gua, Almonds, 巴旦木/杏仁....blah blah blah, you may be more proficient than me.

    the unit of weight is kg in Sinkiang, while jin (500g) in Sichuan

    for more information plz contact, if need.

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