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  • anna.85
    February 13, 2014
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    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone of you knows if one of the Universities in Chengdu or the City itself offers a good library to study in??

    I know that the library of Southwestern Univ. of Finance and Economics is quite small and doesn't offer much tables ect., but for the rest I have no idea. Being at Starbucks or Maan coffee all the time seems to be the only option;)) - Would be cool if anyone knows!! Thank you :)

  • EvangelineMeow
    February 13, 2014
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    Usually for library you need your student card,so I don't know.For concentrate your mind,I suggest you to find a cheap,not famous cafe,it helps.
    When I was at school,I usually go to a very small bookstore to read and do my assignments,you order a cup of coffee,you can read all books for free,they are mostly Chinese books,I don't know if it's fine,the atmosphere is quite good,you know,because no one wants to talk loudly in a bookstore!
    They have 2 other branches,the one I went to is:

    tel: 028-87620600
    54,Jiaogui street(near Jiao Da road),Jin Niu district
    the other new ones are,:
    this one I am thinking about going there recently because I haven't had a lot of time to read books since my internship starts.

    tel: 028-86241806
    98,Shang Tongren road,Qing Yang district

    电话: 028-87520828
    8-1,Shu Xing South street,Jin Niu district.

  • Maxxelli_
    April 15, 2014
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    Just go to Chengdu library, close to Renmin Park, No. 98 Wenweng Road, Qingyang District. 青羊区文翁路98. tel: 86130651

  • west-china-go
    May 23, 2014
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    Jinjiang District Library is the best from my point of view.Situated in the center of the town,opposite Fraser Suite.Free Wifi and open space,nice sitting.

  • invisible
    November 25, 2016
    1534 posts

    There is a rumor that foreign residents would be able to borrow books at any library free of charge, is that true?

  • HajarB
    March 10, 2017
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    I've been today to Jinjinag Library: I was surprised to know that it is not possible for me to borrow books.
    Also I didn't find as many books in English or French as I expected to, so I feel a bit disappointed about that.
    Does anyone please know another library where I can borrow books ?

  • WildKid
    March 12, 2017
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    I'd second Maxelli's recommendation of the city library at 98 Wenweng Lu. Spacious, and you don't need ID to sit and read or work.

    You can borrow books with a library card (500 yuan deposit). Their selection of English books is interesting: however, their cataloging system appears completely random, so you may have to just 'browse' the whole foreign language section to find the book you


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