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  • magentalisted
    February 14, 2014
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    I've noticed some of my Chinese friends use Dettol or Walch (those disinfectants/germicides) in their laundry. I always figured the fewer chemicals the better but now I'm wondering if it's a good idea to use those (at least for socks and underwear and bedding) because we don't have hot water in the washing machines. My clothes don't really come out of the wash very refreshed with just cold water and liquid detergent. Does anybody use them? Do they enhance your laundering experiences?

    Also, does anybody use those washing machine cleaner products, or are those just more useless cleaning products?

  • Judy Man
    February 15, 2014
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    Dettol stinks! Don't use dettol. Too many chemicals. You are better off with tide or buying a lighter detergent, while overpriced from Sabrina's!

  • AlexKMG
    March 16, 2014
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    Dettol and Walch will compenate for lack of hot water. However, they smell a bit more like disinfectant. That could qualify as refreshed, but I find it a bit overkill. I prefer to add a very small amount of bleach to a large load of washing. But you need to first load the water and then add detergent and bleach and let that mix a minute. Then add your clothes and allow to soak for 30min. After you can start the wash. I use about half a lid full of bleach. It's sold in medium blue bottles for 11.8rmb. You need to use small amounts and never poured directly on clothes, otherwise you can ruin colored fabrics.

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