Geezers in Chengdu

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  • gwrussell
    February 27, 2014
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    I am a Canadian who was teaching Economics for 10 years in Chengdu and Nanjing until recently. In my last year of teaching in Nanjing I was 66 years old. I want to return to Chengdu to teach but I am running in to age discrimination, being now 69. I don't plan to retire until 80 or so.

    I've seen western teachers in China in their 80s, so I know it's possible to get a work permit at any age if they make the effort. But most universities don't want to bother using their 关系 on someone they don't know well.

    Can someone give me some advice? I would very much like to return to Chengdu. My CV is online at (or Another relevant site of mine is at (or

    Thanks, Gary

    Dr. Gary Russell
    QQ: 53867520

  • long ai gu
    February 28, 2014
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    I can't give you any advice except that they are crying out for teachers in Chengdu at the moment. I advertised for pt. and received many offers ft and pt., I'm 48.

  • long ai gu
    February 28, 2014
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    Sichuan Normal U just called me this morning, get on it now:13908044438. Also NDI was desperate:13402891400—Debbie, pleasure to help out a fellow Canuck, good luck Doc...

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