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  • Melongirl
    May 12, 2014
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    Hi everybody I'm Linda from Germany and I will probably come this summer to SWUFE for a 1-year Chinese Training Program.

    I studied 2 years Chinese with Business Administration at University and decided to have my year abroad in Chengdu.
    Therefore I would like to ask if someone has any experience and can tell me about it expecially regarding the courses and accommodation.

    Besides the Language Courses does they really offer the whole range of selective courses according to the students guidebook like Business Chinese, Chinese Cooking or Financial System in China?
    If yes, how are these courses? Are they teached in English or Chinese?
    And as the College of International Education is in Guanghua Campus do these courses are all at this campus?

    If I want to take english-instructed finance and economics lectures and courses, do I have to change to the other Liulin Campus? And how is the quality? Is it easy or more difficult to understand?

    For now I would like to take a room at Guanghua Campus because it is nearer to the city and the College of International Edcaton is there. Or is a room at Luilin Campus better?
    How is the quality of the rooms? Do they have a western toilet and is it clean there? In some picture I saw hotel-like rooms.
    What would you recommend to take?

  • invisible
    May 13, 2014
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    SWUFE dorms question has been discussed here

  • Melongirl
    May 26, 2014
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    Thank you for the link. I've already read the whole post but they are also 3 years old. Has someone more recent experiences?

  • chengdooa456
    May 29, 2014
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    Hi Linda

    I've been studying at SWUFE for the second semester now, also doing the Chinese Course.

    There are not all in the guidebook mentioned selective courses available. As far as I know you can take Business Chinese, HSK 4/5, Taijiyuan and Chinese Writing classes, maybe also some others. Sometimes the courses change, so it might be possible that there are different ones next semester. All of them are in Chinese and at Guanghua campus.

    I can recommend you living at Guanghua campus. That's were most students who are taking Chinese classes live and it's closer to the city. In my opinion the other campus is too far away, especially when you wanna meet friends or go to the city centre during the week. It takes about 1 hour to commute from one to the other campus and from Guanghua campus another 20, 30 minutes to the city centre. I think there's a school bus for students also taking classes at Liulin campus though.

    There are two different type of rooms you can rent. The bigger ones are basically double-rooms, cost RMB 800/month. They are a nice size and have a queen size bed or two standard beds, wardrobe, desk, etc. A quite big bathroom with western toilet, shower, sink is attached. The other rooms are RMB 500/month and much smaller. Single bed, a desk and attached toilet with shower. You can check it out once you are here and decide then where you'd prefere to live. Clean... not really, as I moved in it took me 1,5 days to clean up. However, that depends on your standards :)

    To mention is also, that there is a lot of constructing work going on nearby because of the new metro lines... It's pretty noisy, don't forget to bring good earplugs with you :P


  • Melongirl
    June 1, 2014
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    Hey thanks a lot for your information and the tip with the earplugs :D
    hopefully my room won't be too dirty but as I can see them before, it won't be that bad ... hopefully

    Nice that you are doing the same program as I want to do. Now I'm more curious to get to know more about it ;P can you pleasee tell me more about your stay at SWUFE, the courses and whatever is interesting to know?

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