Pole dancing classes?

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  • Keeks
    June 10, 2014
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    I am from England and pole dancing classes are a really popular workout. I wondered if anyone knew of any classes in Chengdu available?

  • yx198453
    June 15, 2014
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    Hi there. I'm visiting chengdu for a month. I've learnt pole dance for a while.

    And I'm teaching strip tease and lap dance. So if u r interested in a short term one month course u can contact me. Location has to be at ur place. As my plc is quite small unless we could rent a reasonable price studio in chengdu.



  • pepper
    June 19, 2014
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    Yes, pole dancing (钢管舞) classes are all over the place. Many gyms have them. I saw a bunch of groupons for this kind of class when looking for fitness centres and gyms recently.

    Hope this link works..


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