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  • Moriki
    July 13, 2014
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    I am a traveller currently in Chengdu,

    Recently I have been given a wounderfull chinese massage (Not in Chengdu) and would like to know if there is anywhere around here that I can study it for about a month or less. Even just if it is the basics, but still the idea of giving a good massage.

    Something like intensive course that I can start immediatly, a private teacher would be a good option too.
    My level of mandarin is very basic but I am a fast learner and would be willing to make an effort.

    Please help me and tell me if you know any place or anyone who is willing to teach intensively.

    Thanks a lot,

  • April1990
    July 15, 2014
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    Authentic chinese massage is related to traditional chinese medicine,it's a little like acupuncture,people have to study theory before they practice on human body. If pressed on the wrong place, people will suffer from joints or soft tissue injure.

    You can get the basic theory by reading books like 《The Inner Canon of Huangdi》 (黄帝内经)pronounced as "huang di nei jing". It tells the basic theory of TCM, like yin and yang,the five elements, body's main and collateral channels(massage's key point).

    Some institutes have such learning program, but I believe one month is defiantly not enough. If you want to treat yourself, tell me which part you want to study, maybe I can help you search for some simple ways.

    (besides, my English is not very good, you are free to point out any grammar or whatever mistake I made here.)

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