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  • Fajitas
    October 3, 2014
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    Hi goChengdooers,

    I am an American living in Chengdu. I am not a student, but I am interested in having a language tutor for 4 - 6 hours/ week.

    I have heard that Sichuan University and Minzu Daxue have very good language programs.

    Does anyone know any language teachers at these programs who would be interested in doing some side teaching? I'd also be interested in working with students who are studying to teach Chinese.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks everyone,


  • BillyG
    October 8, 2014
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    We get a lot of tutors on our site.

    If you want I can pass their info to you.

    Contact me,

  • jph.chengdu
    October 9, 2014
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    Hi Fajitas,
    If you are interested in having a language tutor we can definitely help you out.

    Our company, Brilliance Learning Center offers professional Mandarin tutoring services, conversation practice partners, Mandarin language corners and much more.

    Our full-time teachers have years of experience teaching foreigners Chinese and most of our current part-time teachers are Master's students at Sichuan University. If you are interested, please contact our company cell phone @ 133-4892-7870 or check out our website at

  • Florence88415
    October 11, 2014
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    Hi, Fajitas.I am a Chinese teacher with three years full time experience. If you need any help on Chinese learning, you can leave a message to me.

  • AmyinChengdu
    October 15, 2014
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    hi,Fajitas.It seems that you want to have a formal programme. I think that the shortcut to learn a language

    well is to make friends with local Chinese.If you need any help,leave message to me.

  • Tiger2014
    October 17, 2014
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    Hi, Fajitas, I am a Chinese teacher for 3 years teaching experience overseas, I just came back Chengdu two mth ago, and I am going to stay here for my next several years. I have much free time. I can teach you Chinese.
    my hand phone NO 18284557455. wechat ID 361904520.
    plz feel free to call me or sms me. you can call me Tiger

  • invisible
    October 21, 2014
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    The independent Chinese language schools are often started by tutors of the mentioned university have a look at the Mandarin school listing

  • Masisi
    November 15, 2014
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    Hi, I want to find a native English / German speaker looking for language exchange a few times a week.

    I am a native Chinese from Chengdu ,China ,my German is good but my English is somewhat basic: I know many basic words, but have a hard time forming sentences.

    I need more foundation.

    I can usually exchange language during the night hours, China time, so I am looking for someone with similar availability.
    If you are interested, please message me with a short introduction.

    my Email is, please contact me (*^__^*)

  • Jacky-cheng
    December 3, 2014
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    Hi,I'm looking for a native English to have a language exchange. I am a native Chinese ,and study Chinese in Sichuan university.
    Email me at,or we chat 981053789.

  • Tanoli
    December 4, 2014
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    Need a Tutor for Chinese language


    I am

    living in Chengdu or study purposes. I am a PhD student and i need a Chinese language tutor for 2 months. I know some basic Chinese language.

    If anyone whose major is language teaching can contact. HE/She will be paid per hour basis. Please send your CV along with photo at

    My wechat is



  • 李铁根
    February 3, 2015
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    Hi,I am a local high school student.I want to practise my oral English with a foreigner but I don't need a formal teacher.I like manga and I hope someone would like to make friends with me.Instead,I can teach you Chinese and I think we can keep in touch with each other for a long time.It's free.I believe both of us will be improved.I can also give you some useful advice when it's needed or offer you some information about Chengdu.If you are interested in manga and you just want to make Chinese friends,please contact me at
    Or twitter@Mushroomyindang
    Students first.

  • CCole
    February 15, 2015
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    Hi, If you are still finding one, I can introduce someone to you who has a Master degree of Chinese in Sichuan University and have 10 year teaching experience. drop me a message at

  • summer er
    August 7, 2015
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    hello,I m a master of this major in Sichuan university,also a Chinese teacher of a language school, maybe now it is too late to reply,but if you still need chinese teacher, yau can contact me

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