E-bikes start to have license plates. what's going on?

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  • goodluckserrano
    January 9, 2015
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    Hey guys, since 2015 has started i've noticed a lot of e-bikes with license plates (white and red ones). Seen people queuing up to get one like crazy.

    Does anyone know what's going on!?!

    If we must register, can foreigners do it?

    Help, I don't want my e-bike to be taken away from me :/

  • invisible
    January 10, 2015
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    this is the background


    As to how to get it. Yes it seems to involve bureaucratic hassle and queing at more than then one place and they don't have the capacities to deal with 5 potential million registrations anyways. I was considering doing it, but got fed up after reading about the specific paper work for registration. I have dealt with enough bureaucratic shizzle recently. Wouldn't surprise me if at one point foreign names wouldn't be able to entered into the database:)


    Well for the moment i don't care as the fines to fail are minimal RMB30-50 kuai in case you get caught by police. And in the past stealing plates was also popular activity, so that may happen too. Most bikes don't have a plate yet anyways, so chances to get singled out are minimal.

    They can only confiscate your bike if you refuse to pay

    if traffic police fines you. If anything there is a much higher chance of your bike getting stolen.

    But as always they will temporarily enforce it before key dates like spring festival and then repeat in seasonal campaigns. Tricycle taxis are actually ruled illegal for years, and you still see them around all over.

    So if i get caught my strategy is to let the traffic police explain in detail the step by step procedure for registration and addresses:)

  • WildKid
    January 11, 2015
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    To register, go to any police station, and bring your passport and 12 yuan. If you have a receipt or the bike serial number, that's great, but they'll accept the registration without. They'll photograph your bike and give you a plate and an ID card.

    When I was registering, the official had to make some phone calls to find out how to fill in the form for foreigners. Other than that, everyone was very helpful (form is in Chinese only, but someone is sure to be around to help).

    You actually have until June 30 to register in order to be in compliance with the law.

  • WildKid
    January 11, 2015
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    Forgot to mention they'll need your address, in Chinese characters of course. It's best (though not required) is you bring your household registration form for this purpose.

  • invisible
    January 13, 2015
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    Thanks for tips. This sounds much less mafan than what I read about when they originally introduced this. So is it the police station you're registered the local 派出所 or a traffic police station? How long did it take you?


  • Sameer
    February 21, 2015
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    What if someone lose his bike & go to police .... Will the police will be able to find the bike ? ... I lost 2 bikes last year & now one more this year .... My bike had registration...so what to do ?

  • invisible
    March 10, 2015
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    As far as i've heard stolen bikes will be resold in a totally different area of the city or even different city. I've never heard of police ever finding and returning a bike.

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