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  • Delibeli
    January 23, 2015
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    Hi everyone,

    My Chinese colleague is going to Nepal and would like info from fellow travellers who are best people to ask.

    So if anyone knows any of the following info it would be super nice of you to share.

    Can you use your Chinese bank cards or MasterCard/Visa at the ATM?
    Can you get a tourist visa on arrival?
    Would language be an issue she is fluent in English and Mandarin
    Best place to exchange RMB for Nepali Rupee? I suggested Western Union
    Are there Chinese travellers or expats in Kathmandu or an area where she could meet fellow Chinese?

    It would great for some info as she has wanted to go for a long time and her friend backed out at the last minute so she is a little worried about going solo.

    Thank you

  • Dragon Expeditions
    January 25, 2015
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    Chinese bank cards worked at some ATMs when I tried, MasterCard and Visa worked at all.

    Chinese visitors are now eligible for a tourist visa on arrival, although if she is flying then China doesn't seem to let people board flights without a visa in their passport. Maybe she can contact our office about this (8508 2770) for more up to date information. I assume she doesn't want to join one of our tours, but we might be able to help her out with a visa.

    Language won't be an issue if she's fluent in English.

    You can change Chinese currency in Kathmandu, but it's better for her to take some US dollars in cash as well.

    There are plenty of Chinese travellers and a few expats in Kathmandu, she won't have trouble meeting them.

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