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  • peeknockyo
    June 23, 2015
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    I am moving to Chengdu this summer to study and live at SWUFE at their Qingyang Campus. I am looking for a nearby gym that has heavy free weights (dumbbells up to 50kg etc...) and a wide range of bodybuilding machines. Cardio and wellness is not so important. Would be glad for any suggestion :)

    I am also looking for an advanced training partner, so let me know if you are interested.



  • pepper
    June 23, 2015
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    I also study at SWUFE and have checked out four or five gyms in the area, e-Jia and Pioneer Fitness are newly opened/renovated and pretty nice, Miracle Fitness is under renos now, there are a couple down on Da Qing street too, names escape me...but I would be hard pressed to find weights heavier than 35 KG at any of them. You will probably have to go farther afield to find weights that heavy.

  • peeknockyo
    September 15, 2015
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    Thanks for your help! We have now found a gym and I wanted to share my experience.

    Some other students and I checked out Pioneer Fitness, Miracle Fitness and the Season, which are all close to campus. All of them are freshly renovated. However, only Miracle Fitness could really convince us. And it was also the cheapest.

    Ranked 3: The Season only has dumbbells up to 20kg, no legpress and not even squat rack. The few machines were Hammer Strength and Life Fitness, which was nice. Offer was 1,800 Kuai per year.

    Ranked 2: Pioneer Fitness was simply too far away for our taste. And there were not dip bars. Some Life Fitness machines, but also some no name machines. However better equipped than the Season and very spacious. Offer was 2,000 Kuai per year.

    Ranked 1:Miracle Fitness can get full sometimes, but they had the best set of machines and the person who bought them actually had an idea of what he or she was doing. Dumbbells up to 40kg, Hammer Strength and Life Fitness machines for every muscle group, and even a negative bench. Also lots of bodyweight opportunities and an outside running area. Offer was 1,500 Kuai per year.

    Hope this helps future SWUFE students :)

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