Can anyone give a review of the Oxford International College of Chengdu

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  • Tinkerbellingham
    August 19, 2015
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    Hi. My husband is considering a 2 year secondment to Chengdu and my son who is 14 will be coming with us. His education is a major consideration for us and we would not want to jeopardise this and if we could not locate the right school my husband would not take the job. His UK school has said that to get back into the UK education system for his A levels he should attend a school which does IGCSE's. None of the international schools would appear to follow the British curricula but the CDOIC does follow the UK education system.

    I have concerns however that all of the students are Chinese and I would prefer for his integration that there were at least a few other non native Chinese speakers as none of us speaks / understands and Chinese (yet!) .

    Any advice would be extremely welcome. Thank you

  • DavidBryce
    August 20, 2015
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    Hi there

    This response will be a tad biased, as I am the Principal of CDOIC.

    Our IGCSE results hit 84% A*-C this year (our A level results were 78% A*-C).

    We had 18 graduates this year, all going to top UK, US and Australian universities.

    We will probably have around 110 students on campus this September.

    Last year we had only two international students; Ayra from Pakistan and Rinoko from Japan; neither could speak Chinese.

    Ayra has just came into the school today to get her results, and I have asked her to also reply to you, so she may share her experience of being a non-Chinese speaker at CDOIC with you.

    You can contact me directly on or on my mobile 133 4894 3835. You are welcome to drop by the school at any time.

    Cheers, Dave

  • Tinkerbellingham
    August 20, 2015
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    Many thanks, Dave, for your post and congratulations on your IGCE results. Fabulous results for students who don't speak English as their first language. It is results day here in the UK too.

    Thank you for giving me your email address. I will email you directly later today. I have tried already via the school website and have already sent an email to the info@ address.

    Thanks again


  • ayra.sohail
    August 20, 2015
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    My name is Ayra Sohail and from summer 2014 to summer 2015 I studied at CDOIC as an 11th grade student where i completed my O levels with 1A* and 6A's. OIC is a great school where the teachers and students very accommodative. The teachers always make sure that each an every student has understood

    the topic clearly and do everything in there power to ensure no one is left behind. Also as far as learning Chinese

    is concerned , OIC has a wonderful teacher who can help your son learn Chinese. I myself availed this opportunity but had to discontinue after a short period of time due to exams.

    Furthermore the students may seem shy at first but with time they will warm up to the idea of speaking to a foreigner. OIC is going to great lengths to ensure that its students use english more frequently which has given a positive response from my perspective.

    Although Mr.Bryce is the best guide in this situation but if you would like to know my personal experience or if you or your son has any doubts or questions about the school from a students perspectiv you can contact me at I would be more than happy to help you and give you and insight on the school

  • Tinkerbellingham
    August 20, 2015
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    Thank you, Ayra , for taking the trouble to post on this forum on your very important results day.

    You are great ambassador for your school, not only for your fantastic results but for your time spent helping my family, in particular my son.

    I am impressed with your school already!

    I have emailed you directly with some more questions.

    Thank you

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