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  • SichuanLondoner
    March 27, 2017
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    Hello all, (I put up a questionnaire last week but it was too long so I have shortened it)
    I am a student from the United Kingdom studying in Chengdu for 2 months and I have a project to complete. Part of my project is creating a proposal to open a Michelin-star restaurant in Chengdu (Some information about Michelin star dining here ) .
    I am planning (hypothetically) to open it on the top floor of a 50-storey building in the Tianfu new area. The food will definitely be Western – In all likelihood it will be high-end French cuisine. I am asking for help from local restaurant customers/owners/managers/workers to compile information from my project and so I have a series of questions to ask to help me. I appreciate you may not want to give any information away to a complete stranger online, which I completely understand but any information/help you could give me would be fantastic. I also know there are quite a few questions here and I have tried to leave them open-ended, please give me as much information and feedback as you are willing and able to. I also accept some of the questions are quite direct but I am trying to get as much good information as possible. I have already researched many of your restaurants online, looking on TripAdvisor, Chengdu Living, listening to podcasts etc. and I know some of these questions have already been answered so I apologise if you feel like you being asked to answer questions you have already answered in the past.

    1.Is there a type of cuisine/restaurant you feel is currently missing in Chengdu?

    2.Have you ever eaten at a Michelin star restaurant? If so what was your impression? If not, would you be interested in trying one?

    3.How important is restaurant location for you when deciding where to eat ?

    4.What factors do you take in to consideration when selecting where to dine?

    5.Do you think awards/badges/prestige are important when deciding where to dine?

    6.Do you think there would be demand for a Michelin star restaurant in Chengdu?

    7. How often do you have lunch in restaurants and what factors decide this?

  • Helenhe412
    March 28, 2017
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  • invisible
    March 31, 2017
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    1. Pretty much every cuisine is missing except hotpot, fastfaood & so lala Sichuanese, the local market is extremely conservative, unedcuated and solely focused on lajiao and huajiao

    2. Yes. Overhyped. I wouldnt mind trying more if I see a good value proposition. But you can have that cheaper in other cities abroad.

    3. Location, location, location is the main rule for restaurants. You won't make it to your fav restaurant more than once or twice a year if it's an hour taxi ride to the other side of town. If your restaurant is not on mainstream it will die or move.

    4. First food quality, second value, then environment, last service. So basically the reverse of the local market.

    5. For many people yes, especially for the example you chose. But it's most often just the emperor's new clothes.

    6. That's not for us to decide it solely depends on Michelin if they decide to add new restaurants, but looking at the additions in Shanghai their choices are highly controversial to put it mildly - that said there were Michelin star chefs in town and still are - just no restaurant that received one

    7. Lunch? Almost never - most places i liked are closed down - but for new places I would have to know at least two people who totally praise it otherwise it's not worth my time, energy, cash

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