5 year policy for Z visa

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  • WilliamMarylove
    April 23, 2017
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    My wife and I are looking into moving to Sichuan from Yunnan. Unfortunately there is a policy unique to Sichuan that states that a foreigner who has a z (work) visa that is five years old must return to their native country to reapply for a new z visa. I've been searching around trying to figure this out; some people in government say it doesn't exist, while schools say it does exist, some say I need to return to my native country for a year, others for just a few days. It sounds like nobody knows what's really going on. My question: what is the reality for you foreigners in Sichuan? Do you need to renew your work

    (z) visas every 5 years?

  • AlexM
    April 24, 2017
    10 posts

    This was the case in the past, I've heard that this policy was repealed - however, the visa situation is hardly ever clear & straight forward - best is to ask the PSB directly.

  • invisible
    April 30, 2017
    1534 posts

    Not sure what current policy is, but in the past people would move out to Chongqing for a year to get around the rule....

    Should be different for resident visas though.

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