A new wave of Xenophobia coming?

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    August 10, 2017
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    This whack MC Fat Shady released a new music video in which he basically tells foreigners to fuck off in a most primitive, very aggressive manner (militant at the end).


    He's been featured on state tv in the past, still relatively viral, and actually did also previously perform at Chengdu parties organized by foreigners.

    A low IQ midget like this wouldn't just blast this out if he wouldn't feel strong social support. Is the economy going down that much that it's officially time for scapegoating again?

    Even so the open hatred presented by this wannabe tuhao looks like a new quality, the song ends with gesture and sound of gun shots and him hitting the head of a "stupid foreigner" model with a baseball bat - you can't be more explicit in calling for militant brutal ISIS like violence.

    Curious what your thoughts are

    Either way be extra cautious these days

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