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  • Nina8512
    August 23, 2017
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    Hi, I'm looking to move to Chengdu in the next few months and was looking to hear of any recommendations for companies that are good to work with or any that you recommend staying away from. Sorry if this has been asked before, and thanks!

  • too tall
    September 4, 2017
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    Depends on your qualifications and what you are willing to teach.

    EF- teach adults-

    students are friendly so you can mingle with Chinese people and get some native friends
    they do a decent job of setting up and handling all the visa stuff
    If you wanna work for it you can climb up the corporate ladder(good if you want management experience and such)

    pay is incredibly low even if you get to a higher position
    45 hours a week
    involves marketing aka white monkey work

    EF kids- don't bother teaching EF kids in Chengdu. They are all franchices and the pay to work ratio is way too low. If you are willing to teach kids you can make way more elsewhere.

    Off-brand EF with the same pros and cons. They do pay slightttttly more than EF tho.


    Don't know much about them but I basically hear they suck.

    Shane English
    Same review as I2.

    Those are the biggest teaching 'training' companies I am aware of. You can make a lot of money if you are willing to teach little kids/ have teaching experience and qualifications. The other route would be to find an international school/program and teach with them since they offer better pay than the training schools generally and are more dependable than small companies you might find.(but again depends on your qualifications) Do a few google searches for the specifics of what you're looking for and you can find some job sites and it would also help if you had a Chinese friend do searches in Chinese.

  • too tall
    September 4, 2017
    6 posts

    Also if you can teach math/science/ or economics you can make a massive amount of money considering the living costs. Though honestly the job market sucks(pay tends to be lower) in Chengdu and there are better positions in other cities in my opinion.

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