Finding an appartment to share with Chinese people

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  • Sarah Le Minor
    February 22, 2018
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    I'm Sarah from France, and I arrived in Chengdu a few days ago. I'm about to start the spring semester in Chengdu, and I am staying here until the end of July. I am looking for a rent a flat with a Chinese person. I have been looking on but have no idea how to find a house with a "roommate included" already it seems that all the houses are empty and you have to find your own roommate. Would you have any tips for me?

    Thank you,


  • Hillelb
    February 26, 2018
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    Hey Sarah, I see no one replied and I have the same question,
    Also studying till June and looking for Chinese roommate apartment
    Did you fine anything so far?

  • jay13
    February 26, 2018
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    Follow this link.

    It will take you to shared apartments in Chengdu.
    Click on the apartment you like and just use google translate function to get the details.

    Good luck

  • Nitrolman
    April 30, 2018
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    If you need a local guide, you can contact me。My wechat number is 8989496.I study in UESTC in chengdu.

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