Mental health parties anyone

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  • Jay-K
    April 8, 2018
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    I've been living in Chengdu for a couple of years now teaching English.

    Sometimes the culture/pressure can affect some individuals more than others.

    I'm interested in starting a mental health group.

    I'm tired of just going along with the flow of life here as it's resulted in me hanging out with groups that prefer to get blind drunk on days off from work. So I've decided to look for those individuals that want to start doing something new with their free time and might perhaps also want to improve themselves and break some negative habit cycles.

    So instead of drinking parties and clubbing how about meditation parties?! Yoga parties (outdoor if weather permits).

    Laughing hour, silent hiking, random acts of kindness, camping trips...real camping in nature with phones switched off for the day/weekend...

    Let me know if this interests you.

    My WeChat: jata_247

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