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  • london18
    August 13, 2018
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    Hi All,

    I really hope you can all impart some wisdom and give me advice on some of the following questions I have. Just a quick background, I am looking at jobs in Chengdu and looking at moving pretty soon so you advice will be really helpful:

    1) I would like to earn enough to save as well as travel around and live a social life so I want to know what is a comfortable salary to have (before tax) to be able to live in chengdu with ease i.e. eating out a lot and taking uber/taxi to and from work everyday and so on. I am not looking at a job where they provide an apartment or anything so it would all be coming out of my own salary?

    2) What area of chengdu should I be looking for an apartment?

    3) Any links to websites where I can view apartments online?

    4) Is chengdu safe day and night?

    5) What is the healthcare like?

    Thank you all in advance for your advice!

  • JennyZhan
    April 18, 2019
    7 posts

    Chengdu is safe. If you need to find o job, you can add my Wechat or call me at 17713571273.

  • deeyang
    May 21, 2019
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    people in ChengDu they are nice. temperture here is good.
    food is amazing.
    we have trains.traffic is easy.
    so ChengDu pretty much is the place you should take a look.

  • jayhou
    June 16, 2019
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    if you want apartment,you could add my wechat jayhoujay, my phone number and wechat:15802807679

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