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I moved recently and had a really REALLY bad experience with the ANT movers. I thought I would share and save people some trouble and possible grief.

First off, not all ANT movers are assholes, I used them in the past and everything went fine (Probably cuz I had 5 box and one plant). If you have more then that however, be on your guard.

They told me we could deal the price, ok cool. They offered a lower price then the girl had said on the phone so, super. But to do so, no signing official papers. My mistake #1.

They didn't move what I wanted them to move first (The big stuff). Instead, they moved all the little things. Which brings me to my next point... Mistake #2.

Once it was time to move the big stuff (Bed, TV, Couch) They stopped and asked for more money (The same amount, once more). Well, being stubborn, I told them to go FU%^ themselves. YAY me :o) But I was stuck with a half-move, boo me!

In the end, some great friends came and got me the help I needed (VIVA the 3-WHEELERS!) and I was moved.

The lesson: When it's too good to be true, it usually is. SIGN the damn paper first. And you can also validate with the company by phone what exactly you need moved AND once the movers show up to your place, call the company again and have them validate what the movers are saying.

I just learned: This happened also to a good friend of mine recently. She was pregnant and the ANT movers just left her there with the stuff unmoved. Seriously, what a bunch of assholes!]]>
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