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I bought my gas BBQ this spring from B&Q at Hang Kong Lu (between RenMinNanLu 4 Duan and KeHua ZhongLu) and paid around RMB300 for it. Then ordering a bottle of gas and paid the deposit for the gas bottle and the whole thing was up and running for less than RMB500.]]>
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They had a little charcoal BBQ for 189.99 and a big one (about the size of an oil drum) for 249.99RMB.

They sold big bags of charcoal for 69.99RMB (about 25kg) or little bags (about 5kg) for 30RMB. They had all the other accessories you might want to buy too.

I did snap a couple of pictures on my phone, so if you want me to email you then just send me your email address in a PM.]]>
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the other supermarkets like carrefour, auchan, b&q...]]>
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