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I have conflicting interests. I have never put a cigarette in my mouth; of any kind. I have lived most of my life in clean environments with fresh winds and wild views. Suddenly it seemed I moved to a city. In my mind it is big and sprawling but those around me apologise, saying it is just a small one. But they tell me the rare breezes set off from the mountains of Tibet and not from spluttering Beijing or the Gobi. For arguments sake allow me to be deceived sometimes. You might be led to surmise i do not dwell in Chengdu nor Kunming. Coming from a village of 300 that would be a jungle or two too far.

My dilemma? I sell beers and wines and spirits. My whole livelihood comes from working for myself. I am not pampered anymore by a school or college. In fact I've been self-employed for 24 years with just a 2 year break while I adjusted to my now 7+ year sojourn in China.

The Chinese smoke. They smoke a lot. In fact they are not only the number one country of smokers percentage-wise but each smoker smokes more on average than in any other country. Their cigarettes of choice are also less clean ( is a 'clean' cigarette an oxymoron? ) and with more heavy metals etc. in them. They also seem to all smoke in pubs and bars. Okay, I installed expensive air purifiers in my pub/bars. We have good a/c. We even empty half-full ashtrays. Was this for my customers' or for my own health? International brand too and guaranteed to each filter 70m3 per hour...... but. They only help rather than succeed when we are packed.

" Smoking ban in British Pubs" sounded like a death knell. It also made the doorways look less inviting with gangs of draggers loitering about.

Now my question is: will this affect my business? My initial thoughts have been that it will get universally ignored. Yes, I can see some ex-pats tapping smokers and pointing with disdain at the signs and regailing those who laugh back.They just might allow corners for smokers so the uniformed health inspectors ( yes, they abound and do their job with [malice aforethought?] gusto. Their white buses even say Health Inspector on them in English !).

At first I was pensive about this but after a few seconds of deep pondering I am of the conclusion that for some time at least the ban will not affect the way of traditional life at most bars and pubs.]]>
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Btw Chinese are not the heaviest smokers in the world

Even if they tried it would take at least a decade from discussion till implementation before the ban'd be effective/ accepted.

If there is one place where smoking ban makes absolutely no sense it's bars.]]>
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I do not desire to be unquestionably right in all things nor to be taken overly seriously. Today's BBC Online News stated that it includes bars and restaurants but perversely not the workplace. I shall put a note in my diary for ten years hence to check up on the enforcement.
Thank you for editing out your last sentence and it is now invisible. It reads in a kindlier way.]]>
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What seems to have caused Western copycats to spread the rumor of a total ban seems to go back to quoting demands of Wu Yiqun, a fanatic asceticism propagandist.

As far as I understand the central gov is currently making some efforts to frame a national law that restricts smoking in certain places with the general tendency to reduce passive and active smoking ( in accordance to international treaties signed in the 90s.)

Each province then has to pass a specific regulations and oversee their execution. We are talking about banning smoking in hospitals, schools and gov buildings like libraries etc NOW.

We def. have another 10 years before they even COULD extend the ban to bars. They tried in BJ during the Olympics and SH during the EXPO see how it worked out?

So again, AT THE MOMENT China is trying to stop doctors smoking in the hospital elevators. Which doesn't seem completely unreasonable to me.

On a side note: How about kicking out that chemicals in the cigarettes and offer real tobacco. Or how about free health care for everyone? IF health is the issue...]]>
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But now that my wife gave birth ((A few months ago)), I find myself in a huge dilemma since most restaurants allow smoking and I do not want to subject my kid to it but at the same time I feel that asking someone to stop smoking for her sake is intruding... The law would help but there would be a huge adaptation period since SO many people smoke in China.]]>
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It will be quite an experiment if the ban succeeds as by now I must be addicted to my 20 cigarettes a day passive smoking. Will I have cravings ? Will my precious wife find me cranky and intolerable ? Will I have to close ? Just what is the meaning of life Grasshopper?]]>
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What I meant was the chemicals that make smoking "easier" so you can puff the whole day. Real tobacco is really strong and bitter, and most people can't really smoke that, let alone chain smoking. Try smoking a real Cuban cigar in one session. I don't think you can. You stop or you throw up.

A movie recommendation on the topic
"Thank you for smoking"]]>
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Well, the smoking ban has been around about fifteen years and the bars are still here, and they still have plenty of customers. They just go outside when they want to smoke. No big deal.

I do (selfishly) hope that the law will apply to bars. I never enjoy returning home with all my clothes and my hair smelling like smoke.]]>
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Why is it always all or nothing?]]>
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Why is it always all or nothing?]]>
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@miss mixit
good point
good point:)]]>
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