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If it's a weekly event in a set place with some monthly outings it could work I think. The meeting location shouldn't be a dark bar, imo. So it could be bookworm, but doesn't have to be.

I saw how quickly the DD boardgame group gained more people
some through this site, and last year's photowalk had a good share of gochengdooers, too.

So just collect a handful of people, set up a time and place for the first meeting. We'll put it in the event calendar. I might drop by (if I don't feel too ashamed of myself).]]>
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Oh and if anyone has footage from the Wenchuan earthquake or reconstruction please contact me (special exhibition ahead).]]>
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I hope that you are OK?

I enjoyed the meeting, there were c.20 people there and I hope it bodes well for the future success and growth of the club.We are now the "Chengdu Photography Club" (CPC), next meeting at the Bookworm Nov. 22nd. The project is to bring three photos in the theme "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral" (up to your own interpretation, could be just three different genres, different exposures, or examples of "animals, veg, and minerals"). They can be from pictures you've shot before, but try to make them with/from China. We're setting up a Yahoo! Group and will have a mailing list (details will follow). The photos will be compiled and shown at the meeting, with critique by the group. For this first time, we're all going on independent shoots (unless you want to go out with other people, then you organize it yourselves). But the idea is that in the future, we'll organize outings/"photo shoots" to go as groups, and photo challenges.

Hope to see you then.
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i'm fine, lucky. thanks. 20 people is quite a success imo. i won't have time to do my homework, but will drop by nov. 20:)]]>
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