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I plan to relocate to Chengdu sometime next year and would like to attend a University and earn a business degree while I am there. Can someone please tell what I can expect to pay in tution fees for a public University? I am hoping that it is cheaper than the high tution fees here in the States. Also, will I be able to find a University that will teach courses in english?

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Southwest University of the Nationalities offers a basic Chinese language course for 6000 yuan a semester. The International dorms are nice, if not basic and the best part is that they are only 900 yuan a month. Also, they are located in the same building as the classes, which is nice, if you aren't a morning person.

Sichuan University offers a course for 8200 yuan a semester and last year when I looked into it, they were renovating the International dorms, so if that is still the case, you'll have to find a place to live off campus.

Those are the only universities I looked into. Maybe someone else, has some specific information about SWUFE and Sichuan Normal University (although, I'm not sure if the later has a Chinese language program.)

Congratulations on your choice of choosing Chengdu. I'm sure you'll love it here.]]>
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Thank you for your reply. I really would like to study business and not so much language. I will keep looking and hopefully I can find a University that a business program thought in English.]]>
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At the moment we only run the first two years of three (UK degree programmes are only three years), with students having the option to graduate with a Dip HE, to transfer to the UK for the final year of the degree or apply to transfer to a local degree programme. We're seeking approval to run the final year locally as well and expect a response from the Ministry by March.

Tuition fees are likely to go up in September, to something between 25000 - 30000 RMB per year for International students. We're waiting for the Sichuan Pricing Authority to set a figure.

Unfortunately our website (www.sucdutedu.org) is entirely in Chinese, although if you contact me by email I can send you some documentation in English about the course and would of course be happy to answer any questions, as I'm sure would a few other gochengdoo users who work here.]]>
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