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Would be interesting to hear something from someone who actually was there.]]>
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The 'victim' that got hurt most is our own bartender who is also not hurt very badly and is already asking us when can he get back to work:).
The Police and authoroties are taking care of the case and trying to find the guys. As far as all of us are concered the event is over.
For us in Jellyfish, such an event has never occured before, has totaly surprised us, and is hopefully never going to happen again. obviously, the trouble-makers are not welcomed again to Jellyfish and we are going to do everything we can to prevent things like this from happening, and making sure our guests feel safe and free to enjoy.
So for conclusion, We would like to appologise to everyone for the inconvenience and hope we could all move on and back to having fun, drinking and dancing!
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so what can you do to insure people's safety and to return,


2) Take some responsibility for peoples safety and install a few camera's so if you do wake up with your head cut off, police have at least a chance in hell,to catch who done this, personally I would not trust the outside cameras not be tampered with or destroyed by a "NOTHING TO SEE HERE PEOPLE" style scenario.

or you will need heavies and metal detectors..... NOT NEEDED, just get camera's

sorry to hear this, and people got hurt. not jellyfishes fault

p.s if a tibeten dude says drink,,,,,, DO IT !!!!]]>
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<![CDATA[What happened in jellyfish - Post by Jellyfish - Amir]]> http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/forums/thread/6372/what_happened_in_jellyfish#27192 Cams have been installed for more than six months now and recordings of the events from 3 different angles, including pretty clear visions of the faces, weapons and actions have been transferred to the police For their investigation.
I have faith the police will now how to find these crazy trouble makers.
Again, I assure you, the four guys will never be allowed again in the bar, and so is anyone carrying knives.
And again, appologies to anyone who had to experience this event.]]>
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