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I'm thinking about improving my Chinese now because i just think its not smart to live here all this while without grasping the Chinese language in its entirety.

I mean i know how to get around town and all but i feel the need to completely know it...I mean writing and reading characters, and all that.

Are any of these private Chinese schools worthy of joining??
I have heard about two schools now - Chinese corner and Mandarin corner.

What do y'all think about them ? And if anyone has recommendations of another school. That will be awesome.

FYI: I am knee deep in doing research at school already So i don't really have that much time to join an actual university, so a private school where i will have flexibility on time is key for me.

THANKS :)]]>
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Thanks for the info.]]>
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If you are looking for private tutors, you can check out the website www.languageclan.com.]]>
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