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Is it illegal? Can I get in trouble? What if I had a disclaimer stating that they are only for novelty purposes?

I googled some information on it and there was a case in Beijing but that was selling fake degrees to people as real degrees and defrauding them out of money, none of which I would do.

Please let me know if you have any information regarding this matter.

Wed, 21 Aug 2013 17:02:21 +0000 http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/forums/thread/6983/legality_of_producing_and_selling_fake_degrees_in_china#29611
<![CDATA[Legality of producing and selling fake degrees in China. - Post by Wisedragon]]> http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/forums/thread/6983/legality_of_producing_and_selling_fake_degrees_in_china#29619 If you were to use a genuine University then that would infringe on their ownership of logo and reputation and much else.
Already there are people faking degrees and many using them to find jobs. I know several who do so. Photoshop makes it rather simple.
The law says that anyone faking degrees or using them faces jail, large fine, deportation and banned from returning to China for ten years.
Next you might consider forging the 100rmb note with a disclaimer.]]>
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As you stated, the Chinese news has been full of highly publicized cases, many who WERE high-level government officials using fake degrees/diplomas including Phd's on their CV/Resume`. However, if one is considering doing this, they probably don't pay attention to the news!

A few famous old adages and quotes come to mind;

"Forewarned is forearmed" AND "Stupid is as stupid does."

Oh, what the Hell! Just do it!! Tell us how it all worked-out after the trial!]]>
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<![CDATA[Legality of producing and selling fake degrees in China. - Post by Wisedragon]]> http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/forums/thread/6983/legality_of_producing_and_selling_fake_degrees_in_china#29625 Study online with: http://www.london.ac.uk/distance_learning.html
Come out with a genuine degree ! No not photocopy it for sale. If incarcerated for enough time you can even do a Masters Degree. Best choose Philosophy to give some idea of the purpose of life.
I trust this will be of use in your decision making.
Best regards, WiseD, the Devil's Advocate.]]>
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<![CDATA[Legality of producing and selling fake degrees in China. - Post by LA Redneck]]> http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/forums/thread/6983/legality_of_producing_and_selling_fake_degrees_in_china#29628
Link: http://www.echinacities.com/china-media/Special-Report-Dongguan-Prison-Home-to-500-Foreigners

Always room for one more!]]>
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<![CDATA[Legality of producing and selling fake degrees in China. - Post by noveltydegree69]]> http://www.gochengdoo.com/en/forums/thread/6983/legality_of_producing_and_selling_fake_degrees_in_china#29629

Oh, whats that? Fake degrees on Taobao!

About forging a 100 note with a disclaimer:


Oh look, it's been done.

Didn't come here looking for a comedy act.

I came here looking to see if websites like this:


would be legal to operate in China, as it is very legal to produce them in America.

Thanks for nothing guys, if you can actually help, please feel free to chime in!]]>
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