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I was wondering if you guys had some ideas on studying Tibetan at some of the local unis. I know Southwest Minorities Uni does Tibetan language courses, anyone have comments on how the course went down or what the quality of teaching is like there? What about in Sichuan Uni? I studied there myself for a year and seem to remember there being Tibetan language classes... but am not sure.

Also, I am wondering if it is possibel to study Tibetan under a Chinese Gov Scholarship or Confucius Institute Scholarship. Has anyone tried that? Presumably you have to show up to 2/3 of Chinese classes and pass all exams to continue received the scholarship... or maybe even that doesn't matter?

Any ideas on all of this would be much appreciated!

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I am Tibetan and have rich experience in teaching Tibetan as well as English. I am certified as a CELTA teacher. I live in Chengdu. I can teach both language through on-line or in person.

please let me know If you'r interested in it.


Contact me:

Email: norbu_smile@hotmail.com]]>
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