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I was going to a write a proper response, but after reading your other posts I feel kinda sorry for you. Twelve years here but on a merchants visa, things clearly haven't worked out because you're having to scrap the barrel and try to get private teaching jobs because (I assume) schools won't touch you with your fake degree. You clearly are suffering from culture shock (still) but you can't go back to Canada.
I think I would be pretty angry too, however, it shouldn't aimed at anyone else but yourself.
I hope you get the help you need.


The key is to talk about it with people. Try to make friends with some locals, learn and bit of the language and you will feel a lot more settled in no time.]]>
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@long ai gu

You know you can go back to wherever you crawled out of. This is not an immigrant country with a long history of diversity and multiculturalism, you are not required to stay for an extended period of time cuz everyone knows you are not going to attain permanent residency let alone citizenship... so why stay? I wonder how much of a loser one has to be to get stuck in a foreign country he dislikes for 12 years when he has the luxury of going back home, unless his own country disowned him? Yeah keep up that attitude and you'll burn out in no time.

I'm slightly embarrassed this came from a fellow Canadian, but I hope other Canadians in Chengdu don't feel this way, I certainly don't.]]>
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Cherish whom you are. At least you get to be extremely popular with local girls. That is way better than what you get back home.]]>
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Whenever I walk down the street in Chengdu, not a single day goes by where I don't see people spitting exactly in the spot that I'm about to step in, blasting their little scooter horns at me when they are riding on a pedestrian sidewalk, a crowd of people taking up the whole sidewalk and not even giving me room to squeeze by, cutting in line, and just overall boorish behavior. You *could* take all these things personally and get worked up, or you could save yourself some stress and just let it go. Getting in a fight with them won't teach them a lesson, in fact, they probably wouldn't even understand why you're mad. They don't know any better.

Also, a word of advice, Chinese people usually don't fight fair. If you decide to pick a fist fight with someone, you might win one-on-one, but trust me when I say he will definitely call all his little friends, and use up all his "guan xi" in the government/police to get his revenge. Even though this is my mother country, I stay on the down low, this isn't the place to puff your chest out and play alpha male all the time.]]>
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I recently spent four weeks traveling in Vietnam. In one of the places I stayed, there were ants in my bed. At home, I would have called the front desk and demand they change my room. But this was Southeast Asia, so I just figured they were actually quite small ants and probably wouldn't hurt me, and I was fine.

In other words, you just need to adjust your expectations to the circumstances. Does it bother me that I'm crossing in a crosswalk on a green light and some dude in his Audi honks at me because I'm delaying his journey by a few seconds? Sure. Do I let it ruin my day or blame all Chengdooers for his arrogance? No.

The stares are normal. No harm is meant by them. It's just curiosity. And when I hear people talking about me, I'll often turn around and smile and start conversing with them, and now they know I'm not some freak.

The Chinese friends I've made in Chengdu are some of the nicest and most caring people I've ever met. I'll measure my experience here by them, and not by the random a*holes you can find anywhere in the world.]]>
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