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My Chinese wife and me will be visiting Chengdu for the 1st time from May 9 to 12.

We will obviously visit the Panda research centre.

1) Any other Must - do's for Chengdu. We love local shows if there any good ones.

2) We will be staying at a hotel walking to Yi Pin Tian Xia Food Street. We are die-hard foodies. Any recommendations ?

3) Love jazz. My wife is from Shanghai, and we love the jazz in Shanghai. Are there any good jazz bars in Chengdu ?

Thanks a lot.]]>
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1) i'd say sangxingdui museum


def skip the crappy Sichuan Opera shows, long, boring, expensive, seedy and unauthentic

2) If you're die-hard foodies i'd recommend the Food Museum

otherwise in your area there's the excellent tutaocun, great sichuanese food

the restaurant on your road btw are usually catering to busloads of chinese tourists

3) there are no dedicated real jazz bars in Chengdu

neither are there special shows from the 9 - 12, but there are good enough weekly regular shows, check the calendar

Friday, Jazz at Bookworm

and Sunday blues and jazz at Here we go
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Thank you....much.

One more question, sorry...is there a direct bus to Panda Base from the city. We could take a taxi, but I've read its tough to get one coming back.

We will be staying Jinui, near Wuhou Temple and Yipintianxia St.

Thanx again.

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