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I am a student from the United Kingdom studying in Chengdu for 2 months and I have a project to complete. Part of my project is creating a proposal to open a Michelin-star restaurant in Chengdu (Some information about Michelin star dining here http://foodtravel.about.com/od/Restaurant-Reviews/fl/What-Are-the-Michelin-Stars.htm ) .

I am planning (hypothetically) to open it on the top floor of a 50-storey building in the Tianfu new area. The food will definitely be Western - In all likelihood it will be high-end French cuisine. I am asking for help from local restaurant customers/owners/managers/workers to compile information from my project and so I have a series of questions to ask to help me. I appreciate you may not want to give any information away to a complete stranger online, which I completely understand but any information/help you could give me would be fantastic. I also know there are quite a few questions here and I have tried to leave them open-ended, please give me as much information and feedback as you are willing and able to. I also accept some of the questions are quite direct but I am trying to get as much good information as possible. I have already researched many of your restaurants online, looking on TripAdvisor, Chengdu Living, listening to podcasts etc. and I know some of these questions have already been answered so I apologise if you feel like you being asked to answer questions you have already answered in the past.

Also, if you are a customer rather than a restaurant owner/manager please ignore questions that are not relevant to you
Thanks in advance!

Regards, Corey

0. Please could you briefly describe who you are and what restaurant you are from in a few sentences

1. What is your favourite restaurant/dining experience in Chengdu and why? (Please not your own establishment)

2. What is the worst dining experience you have had in Chengdu and why? (Only name the restaurant if you feel comfortable doing so!)

3. Is there a type of cuisine/restaurant you feel is currently missing in Chengdu?

4. Have you ever eaten at a Michelin star restaurant? If so what was your impression? If not, would you be interested in trying one?

5. What are your thoughts on a high-end French restaurant in the area?

6. What are your thoughts on a top-floor 50th storey restaurant? What would be your ideal location in Chengdu and why?

7. How important is location? How do you rate your current location in terms of accessibility and visibility? What is the parking situation like?

8. Do you think awards/badges/prestige are important when deciding where to dine?

9. What factors do you take in to consideration when selecting where to dine

10. Do you think there would be demand for a Michelin star restaurant in Chengdu?

11. What methods do you use for pricing when creating your menu and drinks list? Any specific formula?

12. How easy/difficult do you find it sourcing necessary produce and ingredients in the area?

13. Do you have any tips or feedback for a new start up restaurant in the area?

14. To what extent are liquor sales important in your daily operations? Is there a big demand for alcohol?

15. What is your floor space? How many covers per day? Capacity? How does this affect you?

16. Do you employer managers ? If yes or no - why?

17. What do you feel that your restaurant offers that other restaurants in the area do not?

18. What influenced you in choosing your restaurant name?

19. What influenced you when deciding on décor in the restaurant? How important is décor?

20. What legal factors do you take in to consideration when opening/ running a restaurant?

21. Do you have any special offers to improve business during slower periods (eg lunch offers) ?

22. Do you own or lease your premises? Advantages and disadvantages of this?

Thanks again to anyone willing to help me with my project as I appreciate you will all be very busy! Corey]]>
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