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8trees Wine Bar

9 Ping'an Xiang (25 Xihuamen Jie, next to Catholic Church), Chengdu

Phone: (028) 86699060

Chinese-Malay dishes at moderate to high prices. 30-50 RMB lunch sets; international wines emphasizing fine French wines.

  • FatFuckFrank
    February 12, 2011
    The first time i set food in this place i liked it, i love the food!
    The owner is a very friendly guy.
  • eriysg
    December 10, 2010
    Really 8trees deserves a degree just for trying to sell the best steak in town. A real wine and dine enviroment. It is definitely a great place to impress a date that likes western food and wine if you can afford the price. Teo is "Great"
  • The Baron
    August 18, 2010
    This place rocks my socks. Adding a little class to the Chengdu wine scene, 8 Trees is a stand-up joint, so long as you can afford the price tag. The steak here is great. They cook it the way you order, even if you want it bloody. The black pepper pasta with steak is also grand. Like I said, though, the price is a little steep, but if you become a regular, you'll be let in on the secret days to go for half price meals. If and when you go there, tell Teo the Baron said "Hi".
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