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A Lotus on the Water

3 Qidaoyan Jie No. 5, Chengdu

Phone: (028) 89865951

Second branch of established local vegetarian restaurant.

  • groggy
    July 17, 2011
    I was a regular costumer of this restaurant and for the prize more or less satisfied.
    Two weeks ago the waiter told me, that even their cheese pizza is vegan(纯素). After reconfirming several times, I tried the pizza. It was okay, taste wasn't that great, what else can you expect of fake cheese to be honest.
    Then I asked again, how they make their fake cheese and suddenly they said to me, this is real cheese!!!! For a vegetarian restaurant that is promoting veganism in Chinese through various brochures etc. this is unacceptable!!! I do not expect to be understood in China, but in a place like this I thought I could I least get a true answer to my question. If you vegan better do not go here... if you vegetarian enjoy yourself.
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