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Bingo Bagel

49 Hongji Xin Lu (Jiuyan Qiao, back of Linjiang Fenge), Chengdu
成都宏济新路49九眼桥外滩 - 粼江峰阁背后

Phone: (028) 84597668

Bagels and coffee.

  • iraglassismyhero
    April 1, 2012
    Best bagels in Chengdu, which is not to say that the bagels are great, but they'll do in a pinch. The other pastries I've tried have been good, but not spectacular. I admit I haven't tried anything else, but from the above, it sounds like I'll need to try the Vietnamese coffee one day!

    It is a nice place inside, clean and bright, and the staff are all helpful and friendly.

    If you get bagels, don't forget to ask for them to be sliced!
  • anjie
    June 11, 2010
    It's on the backside of the building complex called Lin Jiang Fen Ge (粼江峰阁),off of Shun Jiang Lu (顺江路) Coffee is about 23 kuai (I think 15 for espresso?) but strong and good (Just had a Vietnamese coffee here today... I was flying on the way home). Bagels are 3-4 kuai with 2 kuai cream cheese and their milk tea is REAL taiwanese milk tea (not the powdered crappy stuff). No smoking inside and they have a really good espresso machine, and also some bing sha iced drinks, some little cookies and stuff. Nice owner - Taiwanese guy but lived in L.A. for a long time.
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