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Burger King

Sanyigong Dazha 2F (off Chunxilu), Chengdu
成都三益公大厦2 (春熙路)


Fast food from USA.

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  • ProGolfer
    November 13, 2014
    Don't think either of these Burger Kings off Chunxi exist anymore. Both were being gutted last time I went to get a burger. On the other hand, the location on Xinnan rd. just north of Sichuan Uni was in good - albeit windowless - operation the other day. Pretty standard BK that you would find in most countries. Decent value for a good burger. If only they had jalapenos, though. The "add spice" option is just too Chinese-flavored for me. Tastes like those little sweet beef jerky candies or something. Mmm.. sugar on beef. mmmm....
  • ergophobe
    August 27, 2013
    Im still not sure what drew me to BK on Chunxi Lu. Probably more to do with boredom, curiosity, nosiness, and the fact that I was nearby anyway, definately not hunger or the desire for an exciting new international burger experience.
    Unless you are reading this from your little village, which you've never strayed far from somewhere in the midddle of Burkina Faso, or perhaps from the austere comforts of your ice cave in central Greenland, or the seclusion of your remote mountain domicile in Tajikistan, or any other country unlucky enough not to be blessed with the presence of the omnipitent burger goliath, you'll know BK burgers are "kinda shit" at best, and only fit for human consumption when extremely intoxicated after midnight as a prelude to, or band-aid fix for, alcohol induced vomiting.
    So, predisposed to viewing BK through the filter of this lowly evaluation, and sporting a sober noontime disposition, I warily sidled into the premises. Clean, new, oozing sophisticated metropolitan fast food standardised chain store chic, the atmosphere is charged with excitement, the staff are buzzing, the punters are "loving it", this place going off. I see genuine reverence on the feeders faces and Im concious of remarkably high concentrations of glee and exhiliration infusing everyone and everything in this new darling of the international fast food pigeonhole, right here in little old Chengdu. Rejoice your chosen god my friends, for "real american burgers" are here at last!
    Powerless against the all engulfing tsunami of euphoria, i find myself swept up to the counter. "Welcome to BK. What can i get you?" she asks, big teeth shimmering, bright eyes twinkling............
    Shit.I dont want to eat this crap, Im not drunk, or even hungry, what am I doing here? I ask myself.
    Ok, Ok, ok just one little burger for old times sake, just for something to moan about during a pregnant pause at the next knitting circle meeting.
    Moments later, there she was, 1 x fresh, piping hot, junior whopper, spicy option.
    I pulled up a comfortable new chair and commenced consumption. Then...something very strange and totally enexpected happened. To my complete astonishment it actually tasted...."PRETTY GOOD!" WTF? Have they changed the recipie or something? Has it been so long since I indulged that nostalgia has decieved my tastebuds? Were all my past forays so tainted with the residue of post party puke that there was no chance of the true flavour being revealed? Do they really taste different sober?
    Puzzled and perplexed, but pleasantly surprised, theres not much more I can add. It was a pretty tasty little burger.
    I might even return for more!
    Respect & lurv
    The Ergophobe
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